Slideflight is now web-based

Slideflight just became more easy to use than ever!

  • Web-based without installations
  • No app downloads or add-ons
  • Cross-platform for every device and OS
Slideflight thanks you for being part of this successful journey! Now we are modernizing your user experience through our web-based tool Beamium. Thanks to intensive collaboration and feedback from our faithful users, we bring you a solution that allows you to present online in various formats on the most flexible and simple way possible. Now you just need a couple of seconds to present live from any device and OS of your choice. Sharing live presentations with your public was never as easy as with Beamium!

So, what is Beamium?

Beamium is Slideflight`s younger, more brilliant brother. An online platform to present your documents live. Just as with Slideflight, Beamium allows you to:

  • Present live on the end devices of your audience
  • Share your presentation via link or ID
  • Allow your viewers to download digital handouts

How does Beamium work?

  • Upload your presentation with one click on
  • Share your 8-digit presentation ID with your audience
  • Ask your audience to enter the ID on
  • Present live on the smartphones tablets and notebooks of your audience
  • Manage your presentations online and review the success of your presentations
  • Present with any device to any device
  • Forget internet strength problems
  • Share your slides and generate leads

Enjoy a smooth and unforgettable presentation experience with Beamium! If you have any further questions, please get in contact with us at