White Paper Marketing – A new era of Lead Generation

Sharing whitepapers with Beamium to capture more leads

There is no question that online marketing is a key element of most businesses nowadays. If your business does not have a website or is not actively looking to acquire leads on the internet, you might want to reconsider. There are a great deal of advantages a business acquires from its online presence. One clear example is that of inbound marketing, a passive marketing technique used to attract a specific group of prospects to your products. The beauty of inbound marketing is that an effective campaign results in customers coming to you to satisfy their specific needs, instead of the classic marketing approach of pitching your products directly to random people. This saves time, money and other valuable resources and usually provides the sales team with high-quality leads to work with. One of the strongest tools used in such campaigns is that of content marketing, usually via blogs. Blogs are great way of providing valuable insights in topics related to the products or services that you offer and there is a specific type of content that has even better results than a more general blog post: a white paper.

What is white paper marketing?

White paper marketing is an efficient lead generation technique based on quality content. White papers are extensive document that describe a particular issue and provide solutions and alternatives to tackle it. This document can be an extensive article, an online presentation or even an infographic. Through it, the marketer shares his or her particular expertise in the topic with the readers and guides them through solutions to address a specific need. These normally consist of products or services offered by the marketer’s business and thus include call-to-action possibilities to convert the readers into leads or even buyers. In this sense, white papers act as powerful lead generation tools.

Creating a successful white paper

The main ingredient of a great white paper is your expertise. Thus, it should provide eye-catching content that not only informs, but also impresses the reader and catches his attention up to the very last sentence. When elaborating your white paper, ask yourself questions such as: does this explain plainly what the problem is and how it can be solved? Does it catch my attention or is it just another boring informative article? Would I share this with my friends or colleagues? Moreover, you should also keep in mind your copywriting. Copywriting refers to the technique of selling through the written word. In a white paper, you cannot offer your products or services directly, as often done in other channels. You have to take a more subtle and indirect approach, while still persuading your readers to take that decision. Finally, an extremely informative and well-constructed white paper might still remain unnoticed due to minimal details. Create a catchy title, use meaningful images and data and don’t overcomplicate your wording, so that you provide a high-quality reading experience for your prospects.

What are the advantages of white paper marketing?

A well elaborated white paper can generate many benefits for a company. White papers strengthen your B2C relationship by providing potential customers with useful information and tips, totally for free. This will result in happy prospects that will probably share your information with other similar profiles on social media and similar channels, thus increasing your business’s public awareness and brand image. Moreover, a white paper is a powerful inbound marketing tool to generate leads. That’s right, just sharing your expertise on the web can result in many potential buyers that come looking for your council and recommendations. White papers not only have informative content that educates your prospects, it also provides direct, persuasive solutions that can convert them into buyer`s. Viewed from the buyer’s journey perspective, a white paper appeals to prospects that are already aware of their need and are considering solutions. It helps them cruise along this consideration step and points them towards specific, tailored solutions so that they can make a decision. Therefore, white papers are often linked to call-to-action options to capture leads, such as a newsletter subscription or a link to a pricing page. Nonetheless, how can you be sure you are actually acquiring quality leads?

Beamium: an innovative white paper tool to capture high-quality leads

Beamium is a useful online presentation tool which can help you generate and capture those quality leads you are looking for. In this sense, you can either share your white papers as online presentations on your webpage, social media channels or as a link on emails, or embed an explanatory presentation on the whitepaper you published on your blog. What is the difference with Slideshare or other online presentation tools? Well, Beamium not only lets you share your white paper, it also captures your high-quality leads for you. It provides you with many possibilities to request your reader’s verified email address, such as when downloading the presentation, reaching a certain slide or leaving comments or feedback on the presentation. This means that only leads that are really interested in your white papers and thus in the products or services you are offering as solutions, will provide their contact details. In this sense, you can be sure you are acquiring high-quality leads and not just a regular newsletter subscriber. Moreover, the tool also provides analytics on the specific behavior of each reader along the slides, so that you can properly classify the leads acquired. So, with Beamium you can share innovative white papers and at the same time capture quality leads by sharing your expertise with your prospects. As simple as that. Welcome to the new era of lead generation!

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Author: beamium