What makes a Great Corporate Video?

5 Tips for successful video marketing

Due to the digital change, most of today’s businesses don’t only engage their audience via press releases or common advertisements any more. Nowadays, companies spread the word online through social media channels. In order to create a rewarding online presence, special content has to be delivered. Because of the fact that users are literally spammed by thousands of posts every day, the content, which is shared, has to be outstanding and catchy.

  • A great solution is a corporate video, that presents what your company stands for. Let me briefly explain why:
  • Your audience generally likes to receive information in an entertaining and funny way. Watching a short clip is way more attractive for your users than reading a long article. As it’s easier to follow a video than getting information in other forms, such as texts, people will remember your message for sure!
  • Being connected with a video online improves your SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) further, because due to online statistics the content with the most clicks are still videos.
  • On top of that, presenting great and well produced corporate videos supports a professional and reliable image.

In order to create a good corporate video, the following tips should be reconsidered:

1. Know your target group!

The style as well as the content of the video always have to go along with the needs and wants of your customers and potential clients. The best way to have a good overview about your target group’s characteristics is to complete a user’s profile. Of course, this profile is idealistic and in reality the exact behavior, lifestyle, familiar situation etc. may differ from this portrait, but all in all it’s a great way to find and define your specific audience.

2. Make a realistic plan in advance!

  • Planning a video includes the following actions:
  • Become aware of the message of your video
  • Write a detailed storyboard
  • Think about appropriate camera perspectives
  • Manage your resources - Ask yourself the following questions: How much budget do I have? Where do I get the equipment? What music do I want to use?

Beamium is a great solution to organize and share all of your files. Regardless the distance, files can be shared with any actors fast and easily.

3. Use storytelling!

Make sure that your video sticks to the three-act-narrative, starting with an introductive scene, coming to a climax and finally end the story properly. Your viewers will enjoy a classical three-act-narrative as it is easy to follow but never gets boring.

4. Be emotional and informative!

A great corporate video triggers emotions, no matter whether it’s happiness, curiosity, anger or sadness your target group is feeling, telling an emotional story is the best way to attract your audience. But be careful - you should never forget about the initial message of the video. Stick to the vision of your product and brand.

5. Spread the video!

Last but not least, only producing the corporate video isn’t enough. Having finished the video, it’s time to share it with as many people as possible in order to guarantee engagement. Use different channels to attract different target audiences. Sharing your video on social media will be appreciated, as users of online platforms enjoy valuable and popular content.

The Beamium team has accepted the challenge to produce a corporate video as well. Check it out here.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and wish you good luck with your corporate video!

Image Source: ©iStockphoto.com/varaphoto

Author: beamium