What Is The Best Font Size For My Presentation?

Make your presentation mobile-friendly

You probably have seen a movie where a play is taking place at a large auditorium and members of the audience take out their theater binoculars. You might have even seen it in person at your local theater. It would be funny if something similar happened at conferences and large events or presentations where members of the public can’t even catch a glimpse of the projector or the slides being presented. The public`s usual first reaction is to get distracted by their smartphones or neighbors and this, of course, isn’t in the interest of the presenter. An unfocused member of the audience means one recipient less for the message that the presenter is so eagerly trying to share. Plus, distraction can be contagious among the public, so speakers definitively have to watch out for their public’s attention.

Font size and paper handouts should do the deal, right? – Certainly not.

Presenters often spend minutes if not hours deciding which font they will use for their presentations. Their main concern is to select one that can be clearly read by the public. However, this will turn out to be a difficulty if the public cannot even see the screen where the slides are being presented. Zooming in during the presentation is naturally out of the question for obvious reasons. So how can a presenter make sure that all members of his audience can enjoy the visual means he so thoroughly prepared? A common approach is to share the slides of the presentation via paper pamphlets or handouts, which is a clear mistake. This old-fashioned approach not only costs paper, time and money, but also signifies a burden for the audience, since they are faced with the decision of carrying bulky paper handouts. Moreover, if the attention of the viewers wants to be gained, this will improbably happen if they are provided with a whole overview of the presentation before it even takes place. Similar to a trailer that spoils key plot lines of the movie itself, paper handouts will all but gain the attention of the public. A presenter needs a cool and fresh way to transmit his message and also catch his viewers` attention.

Innovate your presentations

In the decade of digital solutions the answer is already at the tip of our tongues. There must be a technology that permits speakers to share their slides with their users, so that they can enjoy the presentation regardless of their position in the auditorium. A key aspect is for this to work live, so that viewers cannot spoil surprises, but are able to follow the presentation step by step from their seats. Beamium just happens to fulfill all such requirements. The online tool permits a speaker to upload his presentation with a click and share an 8-digit code or link with his audience to present the slides live. The audience just accesses the website on their tablets, smartphones or notebooks and after inserting the code is able to follow the presentation in real time. Since the viewers are synced to the presenter, they will see the presentation displayed slide by slide on their devices, so that the presenter doesn’t have to worry about information being disclosed before he presents it. Moreover, If the speaker wants to share his presentation with the public afterwards, he just needs to enable the slides for download.

Thanks to Beamium, a presenter will not only ensure that viewers are concentrated in the visual means he carefully prepared, he will also surprise his audience with an innovative and cool solution. And the viewers that got stuck in traffic and just managed to grab a seat on the last rows will definitively be grateful.

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Author: beamium