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The simplest web conferencing platform without installation

It is no secret that a well-established communication basis is imperative for all successful human interaction. All social structures, from a family to a multinational company, need a clear and simple information exchange in order to enhance coordination and cooperation. The last centuries have seen the channels used for these purposes evolve drastically: the telegraph, telephone, internet, Voice-over-IP, screen sharing and web conferencing, all incredible innovations in the field. Web conferencing, one of the newest additions to the communications family, has become a key pillar in businesses all over the world, especially due to the ever expanding globalization. Many meetings, pitches and business discussions with partners no longer take place in person, but over the internet using sophisticated web conferencing platforms. However, this often has a downside, since many of this tools are loaded with unpractical features or installations that reduce their functionality and cause a constant failure, leading to hazardous miscommunications. Therefore, in this digital era, its indispensable to employ the proper, easy to use tools to avoid such inconveniences. Innovative tools can help you to make your next web conference very easy.

Simplicity: a must in modern communications

Many of the problems that emerge during web conferencing occur due to slow internet connections. Screen-sharing functions lag, voice communication might get cut or the whole connectivity might be impossible due to major broad band usage. Simple tools such as Beamium, the platform to present and discuss documents online, help tackling such issues during web meetings. Beamium possesses just the necessary features to permit a crystal clear communication: user friendly interface, enhanced interaction through pointer and thumbnails and download possibility after the presentation. Straightforward and efficient to ensure a successful interaction. The solution focuses on the direct sharing and viewing of the actual PDF pages, either in a vertical or horizontal form, to ensure that all participants during the web conference can digest the information quickly, easily and effectively – without any extra software and no installations.

Investing time efficiently

Time consumption is moreover, an ever increasingly relevant aspect in businesses today, where a fast paced world is in need of productivity and efficient solutions. Web conferencing platforms that constantly get disconnected and need to be restarted, as well as screen-sharing solutions that lag for what feels like eternal minutes, not only take a toll from the valuable time of business partners, but also create an atmosphere of impatience and distraction. Moreover, many modern business individuals hardly have the time to be downloading the latest web conferencing tool on their many devices and to complete lengthy and obnoxious registration procedures every single time. Beamium represents a practical alternative, since no registration or software downloads are required. Either if they are familiar with the tool or not, viewers can access the world's simplest online platform, which is optimized for their end devices, and start enjoying the presentation in a matter of seconds. Beamium enables a frictionless web conferencing experience for both sides of the screen. Straightforward, precise and efficient, at tool that emulates the way in which business is done today.

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Author: beamium