We Love Our Users

And our users love us

Today, we would like to thank all our loyal users for using Beamium. Since we started Beamium half a year ago, we got amazing feedback from our first users and haven been able to grow the user base to more than 2,500 monthly users. Beamium is already used in more than 60 countries for presenting and sharing documents online. We are very grateful for your support, your feedback and your recommendations! Today, we would like to share some of the feedbacks we got with you and comment on it. The Beamium team is very happy to have you as users and we are always looking forward to your message for further improving Beamium, helping you and simplifying your life!

“Very innovative, but also easy to use! Just waiting for another opportunity to use it!”

Innovation is as important for us as the easiness to use our service. While Beamium is one of the most innovative conferencing and documents sharing tools in the world, it is very easy to handle and requires no technical know-how at all. No matter if you like to present from your smartphone, tablet or notebook and no matter which document formats you want to present – we try to maximize the potential use cases while we focus on a very specific task: publishing your documents in real-time on the devices of your audience.

“Awesome solution, with a seamless integration! Beamium is really lightweight and requires less setup.”

Thank you! We believe that simplicity is one of the most valuable features every business tool should have. Here at Beamium, we try to simplify our users’ lives and avoid any unnecessary installations, apps or registrations. Beamium will stay that lightweight in future and we will further expand the feature set with our core principal: one click should get every job done.

“I uploaded a 1,000-page PDF. Amazing.”

We are always surprised to hear how many pages a presentation or document can have! Some days ago, one of our great users asked us if she can use Beamium for her 10,000-page presentation. Together, we gave it a try and it worked perfectly. Although the uploading process took a couple of minutes, the presentation and sharing process afterwards was painless. Beamium displays your document page by page and can therefore be used for big files as well as for situations with a bad Wi-Fi. Do not worry if you use Beamium, we will be worried for you.

These are just a couple of the many awesome comments which we received via email, directly and social media. It is always a pleasure to hear what you love about Beamium and what we can further improve for you. We are looking forward to your future feedback and are happy to welcome further users at Beamium in the next months. If you face any problems with Beamium or have any suggestions, we are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Your deeply grateful Beamium team

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Author: beamium