Visual Aids in Presentations

The importance of using visual aids for presentations

Nowadays our everyday lives cannot be imagined without visual aids – whether in school, at the university or in our business life. They are the bearers of visual descriptions and appeal to the different senses of the audience. So, how can you best work with visual aids and how can slide sharing platforms such as Beamium or Periscope play an important role? The answer is simple – visual aids are important for beautiful presentations and online platforms help you to engage the audience. Videos, pictures and even sound effects usually transmit clearer messages and therefore reach the listener on another level on which bare figures, facts and data are not able to. However, the idea is not using visual aids just to prove you know yourself around new technologies. It is about using visual aids in a sensible manner to transmit useful content. Visual aids provide the possibility of enhancing the value of your presentation in order to leave a memorable impression.

Visual aids - modern style

During long presentations its important, not to lose the attention and interest of the listener. The easiest way is to achieve this is by using visual aids, such as videos or pictures. This will keep the audience attentive and the presentation will remain longer in the publics memory. Naturally, the pictures should be meaningful, provoking excitement or curiosity or even intrigue and questions. Also, short podcasts, interviews or other film material could make your presentation more interesting and can keep the attention of the listeners on focus. Anyway – if you decide to use pictures or videos in your presentation, they have to match with your topic one hundred percent and you should take into account the conditions of use, so as to not infringe any copyrights. They should not be used as a decoration element and should be used to underline your topics, otherwise they do not belong to your presentation. In general, there are some important points you should always keep in mind if you work with visual aids. First of all, you should avoid boring enumerations of data or facts. Avoid PowerPoint slides and PDF pages completely overloaded with visual aids. It just looks unprofessional and will just confuse the audience – sometimes, less is more. Choosing the right visual aids in presentations is not easy, but it is a fundamental part of creating effective slideshows. In case that you think that you chose the right set of visual elements - let somebody else look again through them and give you feedback. Often, you will see something in the aids which others cannot understand from the scratch. By getting feedback from friends first, you will be able to enhance all visual aids before sharing them with the public audience.

Visual Aids – Handout

One of the most frequently used way to deliver visual aids: handouts. However, those who have already had to make at least once a presentation (and this applies more or less to everybody) know, that it is very difficult to maintain the attention of the audience during a presentation only through handouts. Most of the time, people just don´t look at it at all or it sadly ends up in wastebaskets. Nonetheless, visual aids are important for keeping the audience involved. In addition, presentation tools like Beamium provide the innovative opportunity of the “digital handouts” where the visual ads are delivered in a modern way. With this function the speaker can decide, whether viewers will be able to download the PDF document in form of a digital handout. So with a specific ID, the audience can simply download the presentation stress-free. Useless paper wasting is a thing of the past, and your visual aids will be delivered much better than only showing them on the projector.

The newest way to present visual aids

Nowadays it is of major importance to be available, regardless of location. Conference calls, for example, are part of the everyday business life. Providing visual aid without time delay has also become utterly relevant in such cases. With visual aid tools such as Beamium, live streaming of documents becomes quite simple. Beamium enables you to present your PDF documents directly on the notebooks, tablets and smartphones of your audience – from browser to browser. After uploading the presentation, you receive a presentation ID which is unique. You can share this ID with your audience so that they are able to follow your presentation in real-time on their own devices from anywhere. It is always important to choose the visual aid with which you feel more comfortable in order to enhance your interactions with the audience. However, on thing remains clear – the newest visual aids like Beamium provide great opportunities, especially when not all members of the audience are sitting on the same room. It just makes everyone’s day easier.

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