Visual Aid for your Conference Calls

Monday morning has arrived and the conference room is booked: it is time for the company’s quarterly reports and the conference call has been scheduled.

At one end, various employees are listening to what their superior has to report from the other side of the planet. However, no matter how carefully they pay attention, it is hard to keep track of all the numbers, trends and statistics provided. Some try to take notes on their laptops and tablets while others try to find the numbers currently discussed in the reports sent via email. Confusion and disorientation reign. There surely has to be a simpler way. Although screen-sharing and video conferencing solutions are getting more popular every day, the telephone still continues to be the preferred tool for communications in businesses and across institutions. Conference calls are part of the daily business life in both small and large companies, since they reduce transportation costs and facilitate addressing large groups from afar. Nonetheless, the lack of visual aids usually generates confusion and interferes with the dissemination of clear messages. Simple digital solutions that support conference calls are required and it does not get simpler than Beamium, the online tool that permits to share and present PDF documents live and in a synchronized manner.

Synchronization is the enemy of disorientation

The general confusion that can arise during conference calls is largely due to the lack of visual aids that depict exactly what is being described by the speaker. Especially when discussing numbers, this can be really tricky. However modern technologies such as Beamium provide great alternatives for such disadvantages. With Beamium the speaker can proceed with his report while he presents the data in form of PDFs from his browser. The listeners enter the personalized ID provided by the presenter into the Beamium browser and follow his presentation in a synchronized manner. They will always know exactly where the presenter is, even up to the exact line and number, thanks to the laser cursor feature. In addition, the presentation can then be downloaded to be analyzed afterwards. In this manner the audio from the conference call is provided with the much needed visual back-up and a clear message can be disseminated.

No complications

What provides such a great advantage for conference calls is their simplicity: a speaker calls and talks, the audience listens. Web conferencing and screen-sharing solutions have clear disadvantages in this field, since interaction for larger groups becomes complicated, chaotic and even problematic for weak internet connections. Beamium fits in perfectly as an aid for conference calls, due to its simplicity and effectiveness. All users need is internet access and to either share or view the presentation via the Beamium platform on their browsers. No software or tedious registrations required, even users that are unfamiliar with the tool can follow presentations in a matter of seconds. Straightforward and effective, the characteristics that have turned Beamium into the best ally of call conference calls.

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