Make your PowerPoint Presentation Accessible Online

A highly efficient, user-friendly solution to present PowerPoint slides online

PowerPoint is almost certainly the world’s most widely used and best known presentation software. It’s no wonder that the Microsoft program is so popular – after all, presentations are now part of everyday life in academia, in business and even at private events. There can hardly be anyone who still hasn’t experienced a PowerPoint presentation. Presenters often prepare their presentations on their own computers in advance, storing the presentation on an external storage medium that they then take with them to the location where they’ll be speaking. This approach entails certain risks, however: USB sticks can fail or may not be compatible with the host’s computer, so it makes sense to avoid the issue by delivering the presentation online.

Microsoft's Online Presentation Feature

Microsoft PowerPoint offers a feature that allows you to present online while the audience members follow the presentation from their own browsers. In earlier versions, you can deliver a presentation online using the “Slideshow” tab; in newer versions, the feature is available via File → Share → Present Online. To do this, you must check the box marked “Enable remote viewers to download the presentation.” The presentation is then uploaded to the Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast Service and a link to the presentation is created for you to send to the target audience. You can also send the URL directly by e-mail to selected recipients. As soon as the audience members have received the link, you click on “Present Online” and start the PowerPoint presentation as normal. The presentation is then displayed simultaneously on the users’ devices, allowing you to present effectively during a phone or video conference, for example. The ability to present online can however only be used if you have an active Microsoft ID, and you may be required to re-register to activate one.

An easier way to share PowerPoints online

The Microsoft PowerPoint feature is a thoroughly useful, effective tool in your daily working life; however, the process takes quite a lot of effort. Beamium is therefore an effective alternative way of uploading the file and giving the presentation to a wider audience. You use Beamium by following a very straightforward, intuitive process that makes sharing the presentation massively simpler. Beamium can be used in just a few, quick steps, after which it is ready to use at any time with no additional effort required. To make a presentation accessible to your audience, it only takes a single click on the “Publish Presentation” on button, and there’s no need for anyone to register, but doing so makes it much easier to manage multiple presentations. In the course of publishing the presentation, you’ll receive an eight-character Beamium-ID that you simply share with your audience. Unlike a link, it’s easy to share this information over the phone. Your audience can then simply enter the ID cost-free on and receive the presentation on their smartphone or tablet, or use a web browser to watch it if they prefer.

The benefits of Beamium

Because of its ease of use, Beamium is particularly useful for sharing presentations at large public events where the attendees aren’t known in advance. This means that the ID can be shared at the start of the presentation and the entire audience can follow the presentation on their personal devices right away, following the presentation live as it is delivered. Another key benefit of Beamium is that the presentation can be downloaded by the audience later, and individual slides can be exported. This means that, once the presentation has been given, the audience can access it at any time to recall the key points and make their own notes on the exported slides. The combination of PowerPoint and Beamium is therefore a highly efficient, user-friendly solution to ensure that your presentations are accessible online in the future on an ongoing basis.

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