Sharing Documents at Private Events

Beamium is a tool that facilitates daily work

Especially in cases where many presentations must be given, the web-based presentation tool simplifies the workflow. Presenters can easily create an individual ID with Beamium and share it with their listeners. This in turn can follow the whole synchronized lecture on their own smartphones, tablets and laptops using the respective ID. This enables not only a better understanding of the presentation, but also the user has the possibility to scroll back in case confusion has arisen. In addition, the PowerPoint slides can be retained by the audience after the event, so that details of the lecture can be retrieved at will without major complications. Slides can even be exported and commented with own notes.

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries

Yet Beamium is not only interesting and helpful when distributing content more effectively and sustainably in the case of organizers, conventions or universities. The innovative online tool can be used even among private circles without complications – especially since the private license from Beamium is for free. Whether on special birthdays, weddings or anniversaries, presentations - of course including many funny pictures and video clips - have become a popular addition to many events.

So how can Beamium help making this entertaining presentations even more effective and at the same time, ensure that guests are having a good time? It's very simple: the main organizer of the speech or lecture only needs to upload his document on and can start working hands-on with it. Even before the big event, he can go through his presentation with other individuals - even if they are not present on site. If the speaker prefers, for example, to seek for the opinions of friends and relatives or discuss the length and time of the shared speech, he can simply send them the ID of the presentation. The presentation can be easily discussed over the telephone, while the PowerPoint slides are shared on the end devices simultaneously. Collusion and coordination are simplified in this manner, so that nothing stands on the way of a smooth and successful presentation on the big day.

Access for all guests

In addition, the dissemination after the celebration is particularly simple. Most guests of birthday parties and wedding would generally want to take a second look later into all the wonderful memories. Usually, the presentations are sent by e-mail, but just the collection of all e-mail addresses proves to be complicated. Moreover, all the files can easily get lost under the message chaos. Additionally, it is usually difficult to send presentations by e-mail, because of the large file sizes caused by pictures and videos. With Beamium, there is no problem. Preferably the presentation ID is shared directly during the event so that all guests are able to open the presentation easily. For this all they have to use directly the web viewer under

In this day and age, social media has also won a major popularity as a means to share content. Therefore, Beamium offers the possibility to share presentations directly from PowerPoint to, for example, Facebook. In this manner, all the Facebook friends of the speaker will be able to get the presentation on their computers.

Presentations are part of everyday life – for business AND private needs. Therefore, Beamium is the perfect solution for anyone who wants, not only to deliver an innovative presentation, but also to watch out for sustainability and effective dissemination.

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