Use your Tablet for Slideshow Presentations

You don’t need a computer to present anything!

As the spokesperson of any company or NGO, you live the life of a constant traveller: conferences, events and pitches are part of your daily live. You are probably used to commuting a lot, and know exactly how to make the best of your trips around the world. Yet there are some uncomfortable things that come along with every travel, and its hard to change that: Too little leg space in airplanes, uncomfortable train seats and the snoring guy sitting next to you. Sorry to say so, but we can do little to change that.

Making your trips better

Yet there are things that can make your trips to conferences more enjoyable, and one of them is packing light. The less you have to carry, the easier you move around cities, airports, train stations. Just use a small carry-on instead of a big suitcase, and leave anything possible at the hotel. Just take your tablet and go! Wait, only the tablet? To hold a presentation? Don’t I need a computer to present? No, and that’s exactly the good news.

Presenting without using a computer

Most people believe that in 2016, you still need a computer to show your presentation to the audience – let us correct that. We want you to be more comfortable during your business trips, and leaving your heavy computer at home is one way to do so! You can now present from a tablet or smartphone!

All it takes is that you upload your presentation to at home or in the hotel, and later access the presenter mode from the mobile device of your choice. Now, you can show your presentation live and easily control it directly from your phone or tablet – all 100% web-based, you don’t even need to download an application or use up space on your tablet/phone.

Letting others join in too

But there is more you can do: If your presentation is already on Beamium, you can easily broadcast it to the devices of your audience as well, so they can follow your slides in real time. Simply share the presentation-ID with them and make them join you over the Beamium website. It takes zero installations, and roughly 10 seconds for them to be on board with you!

Author: beamium