Turning Sales Presentations into Lead Generation Tools

Online pitches for automated leads

How to prepare a convincing sales presentation? A question that businessmen have asked themselves for decades. Sales presentations are a vital part of a company’s activities, since they are one of the main means used to acquire buyers. Although rather similar to a marketing presentation, a sales presentation aspires to convert prospects into buyers, whereas a marketing presentation looks to catch their attention and transform their interest into purchase intent. Thus, a sales presentation is one of the final words within the prospect-business relationship, in the hope that it will lead to a customer-business relationship. Sales presentations used to be delivered at business meetings, networking events or conventions, but nowadays the digital expansion of online businesses has opened a whole new set of doors for sales reps to acquire quality leads.

What makes a successful online sales presentation?

There are many factors that influence the impact of a sales pitch, especially whether this is given in person or remotely. Presenting a pitch-deck at a conference room full of executives does not have the same requirements as sharing it online on LinkedIn. While in the first case you should pay attention to body language, clothing, expressions and much more, the second option makes it much simpler for you. Moreover, its outreach is significantly larger. So, what should you keep in mind for your online sales presentation?

  • Optimize content: Since online presentations are rarely live, it is important that the message of the presentation is crystal clear for its viewers. The presentation should be short and tell an interesting story-line, so that prospects get all the way to the final slide. Moreover, it should provide call-to-action options or details on how to get in touch, for otherwise valuable leads will be lost.
  • Adapt to your customer and your channels: Although the content you are going to present is usually the same in most cases (mainly the pitch of your products or services), it is important to keep in mind to whom you are pitching and where. It is not the same to share a presentation on a Facebook feed or as a Tweet, that on a LinkedIn group full of C level executives. If you are addressing specific prospects, consider in what part of the buyer`s journey they are and adapt the presentation accordingly.
  • Enable comments and feedback: Now that your presentation is out there, you want to know what viewers think about it. Aha! Here is a disadvantage of online presentations against face-to-face ones! Well, not really… Many tools such as SlideShare or Beamium allow viewers to leave comments on your online presentation. This is extremely important, since you want to receive as much feedback as possible, which will also help you judge the success of your online sales pitch.
  • Leads, leads and more leads: Finally, the most important characteristic and the objective of it all, collecting leads. No matter how impressive your sales pitch is, it will be fruitless if it does not provide high-quality leads for you. Think of it as a presentation in front of a group of executives: you want them to shake your hand and praise your product, not to leave the room without getting in touch again. The main focus of your online presentation should be to collect high-quality (ideally sales-ready) leads that you can convert into buyers. So, it is important that you guide your prospects through the presentation towards such objective and provide the necessary call-to-action options or contact channels in order for them to take the next step. If done correctly, you can turn your online presentations into lead generating machines.

How to share effective, lead-generating sales presentations online?

There are various ways through which you can share a presentation online, from uploading it to Dropbox, to sharing it via SlideShare or Google Slides. Nonetheless, if you are looking to generate leads through your sales pitch, you are better off with Beamium. On this platform you can easily upload your presentation and share it as a link on social media, forums or emails or just embed it on a desired webpage or blog post. Prospects can then flip their way through the slides, provide feedback through a comment option, select their favorite slides or download the presentation. Beamium allows you to specify which of this call-to-actions should request the prospect`s email address, so you can capture the contact details of high-quality leads that are interested enough in your products, to provide such information. Moreover, the tool also provides statistics on each viewer, such as time spent per slight, favorite slides, and many others, so that the leads can be qualified accordingly. In this way, your sales pitch acts as an automated inbound lead generator, that ensures you are acquiring the contact details of the right customers. Closing the deal, is then entirely up to you.

Image Source: ©unsplash/@clemono2

Author: beamium