How to Turn Website Visitors into Customers

How to turn website visitors into leads and leads into customers

If you are good at inbound marketing or if you know how to do search engine marketing successfully, you probably have enough website visitors on your webpage daily. The main challenge of most companies is not to get enough traction to their websites. The question rather is, how can you turn the website visitors into paying customers? Naturally, you could just hope that they reach out and contact you actively. Read this blog to find out about a better way to boost your return per visitor.

Turn your website visitors into leads

The first question on the path is, how can you make more leads from your website visitors. Many people come to your side because they have some interest in your product. It is difficult to describe your website without any visual aids. In the best case, presentations are embedded on your website or blog to guide the visitors step-by-step through your product. With Beamium, you can not only embed all kind of presentations or documents on your website. In addition, you have the power to turn them into qualified leads. Sharing presentations with Beamium makes it easy to get email addresses from your visitors. If somebody wants to see the full presentation, or if somebody wants to give you feedback, or if somebody wants to download the document, he must share his email address with you. This great feature makes it motivating and effective to contribute and to get leads from your visitors. What is more, Beamium helps you to get information about every single slide. How many visitors have there been on the first slide, and how many made it to the last one? Where did they spent the most time? And who had questions which you should immediately answer? Many effective ways of turning your website visitors into leads, with a very simple technique.

Turn your leads into customers

After generating qualified leads with Beamium, it’s time to make them to returning customers. How? Beamium also allows you to present documents online to the audience. Instead of sharing email attachments, presentations can be discussed through Beamium during your phone calls. Your viewers will always be on the same page as you. After the end of your presentation, you can decide to let them navigate again freely through the digital handout. By sharing documents via Beamium, you make your calls more effective and simultaneously get more information about the listeners’ behavior in the document afterwards. Furthermore, the listeners are able to contact you directly via the Beamium presentation after the call ends. Let’s assume that somebody looks on slide number 7 afterwards and has some concern about a point mentioned on it. He can now simply write you the question and you will immediately be notified and able to deal with his concerns.

Is there a better tool to get your visitors into leads and your leads into customers? Probably not. Of course, Beamium can also be used for only sharing the document or for only presenting live. But why not using the full potential of Beamium? Try it out yourself and skyrocket your track record!

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