Turn your Slideshow into a Lead Generation Tool

Make the most out of your presentation and get more leads

Presentations are a great way to share information. By presenting them live or simply sharing them, your viewers can learn more about a topic and you. Unfortunately, not everybody who sees your document automatically turns into a customer. Beamium helps you to get more leads by sharing your presentation online.

Share your slides with Beamium

Sharing documents or slides with Beamium is very easy. Simply upload your slides with one click on beamium.com and receive an access link for your viewers. This link can be shared as a URL with your viewers (or as ID code if you want to share the slides directly at an event where you present in person). Hence, it is very easy to share slides through Beamium without any technical expertise needed. Your Beamium presentation can also be embedded on your own website optionally.

Turn your viewers into leads

With Beamium, you ensure that you get more contacts with your presentation. You can decide at which point your viewers must enter their email addresses. Choose a certain slide where your viewers mandatorily must enter their contacts before being able to continue to navigate to the next slide. In addition, you can also ask your viewers for their email addresses before downloading the document. In a nutshell, Beamium makes it easy to generate valuable leads by sharing your document. Your viewers can see the slides and download them, while you receive the highest possible number of leads with your presentation.

Benefit from more interactions

Beside the fact that sharing presentations with Beamium helps you to get more leads, you will further benefit from more interactions. Your viewers can like your slides, ask you written questions or share any other information with you through Beamium. All that information about the promising interactions will be summarized in your Beamium report where you can easily answer all questions and follow on the most promising leads. Therefore, Beamium does not only help you to gather leads - the great lead generation tool also ensures that you get written feedback and more information about the concerns that your prospective customers maybe have.

Concluding analytics

Finally, it is time to analyze your success before sharing the next presentation with Beamium. Your personal presentation report will highlight again all interactions and show some more details about the slides. Which one got the most likes? Where did the most people leave the presentation? Find out some interesting statistics about your slides to improve your next document. Of course, you can also compare several presentations with each other to find out which pitch your clients like most.

Image Source: ©unsplash.com/@gbeaudry

Author: beamium