Remote Work Simplified through Technology

Store and view documents online via browser

You probably have heard of the millennial generation, the newest tech-driven wave of young individuals shaping the basis for the future society. Millennials are much more than smartphones, hipster looks and start-ups. This generation has also introduced new ways of working remotely and seeing the world and one of the most salient aspects comes in the field of travels. Newer generations are hungry for new experiences, new cultures, new sights and languages and they are also transmitting this wanderlust to older generation. Innovative and affordable transportation technologies, worldwide communications, boarders opening and many other effects of globalization are creating world nomads, who either for work or leisure, can`t seem to set their feet in a single country.

Paperless travels

Naturally this new trend also calls for technologies that help it expand and diverse solutions such as Couchsurfing, Airbnb, travel apps and more are keeping the pace. Nonetheless travelers still constantly face different ordeals while on the road and one of them is document management. Deciding whether to take bulky folders packed with useful documents or tying to access important documents in foreign computers have become important questions for travelers. Fortunately, technologies such as Beamium provide the perfect answer. It does not matter if you are an important banker on a business trip to Singapore or a student in a gap year backpacking through South America, you will always need documents. Diverse client files and deals or various insurance papers and hostel reservations can take a lot of space in your luggage, but don´t worry the answer is not written in the stars. Well almost, it is in the clouds. Cloud storage is the ideal solution for those on the road who want to have access to their important documents, without the need to be physically attached to them. With options such as Dropbox or Beamium, travelers can store their documents in secure online clouds and access them through a simple internet connection with their browser from anywhere in the world. After downloading the necessary files, they can be printed at almost any hotel, hostel or even local shop anywhere in the world (digital printers have been around for 25 years and yes, even in the most remote countries you will easily find one). Thanks to such technologies, the only paper you will need with you will be your passport and nothing else.

The benefits of online tools

Picture the situation where you are sitting at the local Cybercafé and would like to read an important file such as a PDF, but the computer you are using does not have a PDF Viewer installed and the administrator right will not let you install one. This can turn into a nightmare when trying to access important business documents, your bank transaction codes or any other important file. Well, online solutions such as Beamium provide you with a safe platform to upload and view your files online within seconds. All you require is internet access, that`s it. Not even a fast internet connection. Furthermore, such a tool even permits you to present documents live! So either if you are a professor on a delayed train, a student who wants to present for his seminar from a hut in the Bora Bora island or just someone who wants to share information live while on the go, you just found your tool. If only Marco Polo, Humboldt or Livingstone been born some centuries in the future…

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