Top 3 European Sales Acceleration Technologies

Because interesting technologies not only come from the US

You probably have heard of sales acceleration technologies. Thanks to the development of cloud technologies and diverse tools, the sales activities of many companies have reinvented themselves. They now strive for rapid monetization, based on accurate decisions and enhanced sales processes. A sales acceleration technology helps achieve such goals by simplifying diverse steps along the sales funnel, such as collaboration, customer management, smart statistics, coaching, sales automation, lead prioritization and many others. How many and which you decide to use depends on your business’s requirements, as well as those from your customers. Most likely you have already come across such a technology. The most popular ones initiated as CRM tools and now cover diverse fields along the sales process. Some recognized names out there are Salesforce and Hubspot. Curiously, most big players in the sales acceleration field come from the US. Nonetheless, some new innovative alternatives are rising in the old continent. Europe adopted sales acceleration technologies a long time ago and now they are fighting for a piece of the market. Judging by what has been seen so far, European companies clearly have a lot to offer.

Why Europe? 

A study from InsideSales highlights that sales hiring is booming in Europe, while it lags in the United States and that sales teams are spending more than 300% in sales acceleration technologies, compared to the US. European businesses have quickly recognized the value of data-driven selling and have taken the necessary measures. This has also resulted in the need for sales acceleration technologies that fulfill European standards. Since most existing technologies come from the US, usually US data protection policies apply, which tend to be less strict than European ones. This is a key factor for most companies, since usually valuable, extremely confidential information is shared through such tools. It is common in Europe for customers to ask: “Where are your servers located?”. If the answer is in the US, well, you probably just lost a prospect. That is why there is a high probability that European sales accelerations technologies will give their US counterparts a hard battle. So far, the field is quite young in Europe, but there are some interesting start-ups emerging with every year that goes by. Here are 3 of the most promising ones:


You probably have heard of this one or even used it at your business. However, did you also know it was founded in Tallin, Estonia? Pipedrive is one of the most recognized CRM tools out there and a strong competitor for Salesforce and HubSpot. Pipedrive implements the style of the Kanban-board to give you a full overview of your deals, activities, timelines and many other features in various languages and currencies. In this sense, it achieves what most sales acceleration technologies miss: simplicity equals efficiency. Moreover, it easily integrates email exchange so that every member of a sales team can follow-up on current deals and provides a clear overview of prospect information. Thus, Pipedrive lets team members collaborate efficiently, provides a clear overview of the sales funnel and thus helps sales representatives close more deals in less time.


From Tallin we will jump to Munich, Germany, home of the revolutionary online presentation technology Beamium. However, Beamium is not just another technology that allows you to share presentations online, it does much more. With Beamium you can easily upload your sales pitches or marketing presentations onto their website and manage them from your profile. You can then share presentations as links in emails, social media and more or simply embed it on your homepage, landing page or blog. So far it sounds like SlideShare and not like a sales acceleration technology? Well here comes the trick: with Beamium you can capture and track high-quality leads! That’s right, once your presentation is out there, you can adjust the settings so that viewers have to provide their verified email address after a certain slide, when commenting on the presentation or when downloading it. In this way, you can capture leads with your inbound marketing campaigns by just sharing your presentation. Moreover, the tool provides diverse smart statistics on the behavior of your viewers, so that you can classify your leads accordingly. A great tool for marketing and sales teams to collaborate towards an accelerated lead generation and deal closure process.


Our journey ends in Gent, Belgium, at the headquarters of Showpad. Like Beamium, this technology looks to simplify the collaboration between sales and marketing teams in order to enhance the whole prospecting process. Showpad has a great deal of features that allow marketing and sales teams to share content on the same platform, organize it, track results with relevant statistics and much more. Moreover, it integrates with relevant tools such as Gmail, Dropbox or Salesforce. A great platform to coordinate sales and marketing activities. Big clients such as Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson demonstrate that this tool came to stay at the top.

Naturally, there are many other interesting sales acceleration technologies out there. Depending on your needs, some might be a better fit for your business, others not. However, next time that you are scanning the market for a suitable tool, keep an eye open for Europe (if not both). The advantages of the region are clear and the tools just speak for themselves!

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