The world’s best Sales Presentation Tools

Get the most out of your sales pitch with these digital technologies

When people say the words “sales presentation” what first comes into mind? Probably it is the picture of a fancy businessman or woman giving a sales pitch in front of various executives. Don’t get me wrong, that is also the case for me, but the funny thing is that sales presentations are much more than that. The 21st century has opened a whole new group of doors for sales presentations and pitches, especially thanks to digital technologies. We still picture a sales pitch like that, since we are still used to the accustomed image, strengthened by the influence of movies and the media. However, at your everyday job-life, you probably come across many other types of sales presentations in digital forms. Nowadays you can pitch your business from Sidney after your afternoon coffee break, to someone who just came into his office at early hours in London. Sales presentations stopped being in-person meetings long time ago.

Of course, at networking events and for specific clients, sales pitches still take place face to face. However, more and more businesses are employing online solutions to address their audiences. This also means that more prospects can be contacted within a lesser amount of time and with a significantly lower resource investment. Moreover, now sales presentations do not always take place in real time. One thing is to present live through a skype call from browser to browser and another is to share your sales pitch via email marketing. Both techniques can be quite successful if employed correctly. This non-live variation of sales presentations brought many characteristics into play. For instance, it is vital to collect statistics on the performance of your presentations, since you will not be meeting the persons directly in order to analyze their behavior or listen to their feedback. Thus, smart statistics are a common feature among presentation software. There are many tools out there that let you present live, online, offline, track statistics, create business templates and much more. But which are the best ones for sales presentations? Here are 6 tools that are revolutionizing the world of online sales:


ClearSlide is a platform focused on sales enablement that allows users to share material via links during live presentations or pitches. It is a tool that focuses more on the sales aspect of the presentation software, than on creating the presentations. The focus of the tool is to increase the efficiency of sales and marketing teams and it comes also as an app in addition to the online version.

Two of its most recognized features are the Live Pitch and the Email Pitch. The Live Pitch allows sales reps to share live presentations with their customers with just one click. In this way, screens are shared in a high-quality image and the sales team can present live to diverse prospects, who do not need any technical knowledge to join the presentation. Moreover, the Live Pitch also includes diverse features such as drop-down lists and questions that can be adapted accordingly. The Email Pitch on the other hand is meant for sales representatives to share content on personalized emails and track the results with diverse statistics.

ClearSlide also supports PDFs, Excel, Keynote and many other presentation formats. Although the interface and template implementation could be a bit less confusing, this tool gathers most of the features necessary for high volume sales and marketing organizations.


SlideShare is probably one of the most popular presentation tools in the market. Acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, this well-known slide hosting service is one of the most common means employed by sales and marketing teams to share their presentations online. It is the YouTube of presentations. Presentations in diverse formats can be uploaded without any troubles and embedded into webpages or shared as links. Viewers can then rate, comment and share the presentations, which gives SlideShare a strong virality potential. Users just need to add the app to their LinkedIn account and will then be able to access it at all time. Moreover, the SlideShare presentations feature on your LinkedIn allows you to view featured presentations of your industry and to share yours with thousands of professionals. It is one of the best tools out there to easily share presentations between businesses and customers and thus promote your content.

The focus of the tool is on the sharing aspects and therefore does not provide options to create presentations or to track their performance in regards to lead generation. Nonetheless, this tool is ideal for sales teams looking to reach out a large number of prospects with public-facing content.


One of the strongest lead generation tools out there, Beamium combines the online presentation features with an automated lead generation process. Similar to other online presentation tools, it allows users to upload their presentations with a simple click and share them as links or embed them into webpages. However, it also allows the sales team that uploads the presentation to track its performance on their account.

Beamium automatically collects high-quality leads by providing a verified email request. The email request message depends on the parameters set by the presenter and can be implemented after a certain slide, at the moment of download or when leaving comments on the slides. Moreover, the platform also provides detailed statistics on the viewer’s behavior, such as favorite slide, time spent per slide and many other smart statistics that allow a sales representative to better classify the lead.

With this tool both marketing presentations or sales pitches can be shared virally on social media or blogs and their performance tracked easily tracked. In addition, presentations can also be shared internally through emails, to verify if the presentation was opened and to track the statistics on each slide. A great solution for inbound marketing campaigns to generate leads automatically, as well as for sales teams to track the behavior of leads and classify them accordingly.


CustomShow is a presentation software used by businesses to created highly detailed and customized presentations. This cloud-based solution aims to improve a business’s sales enablement by providing an online platform to created slides branded accordingly to the business and share them painlessly. It also allows to import old PowerPoint slides and convert them into the customized presentations. Moreover, it also provides detailed statistics on a presentation’s performance, works online and off-line in various devices and allows for SalesForce integration.

One of its most recognizable features is its online library, which allows users to build a library of customized slides combining video, text, audio and even Adobe Flash content. The customized slides in the library can be constantly updated and the changes are shared automatically with all the members of the company. Although the analytics could always include more valuable data, CustomShow is one of the best tools out there to produce customized, trackable sales presentations.


Showpad is one of the newest sales acceleration tools in the market, with the aim of aligning sales and marketing teams for enhanced productivity. This sales enablement tool looks to simplify the collaboration between sales and marketing teams by providing a content sharing platform that allows both teams to create, share and track presentations. In Showpad, both teams can collaborate on pitch decks and other lead generation processes on the fly and the platform ensures uniformity of content and reduces the collateral due to lack of communication.

One of the main premises of Showpad is that it allows the marketing team to deliver content to sales representatives and thus enable them to present more up-to-date pitches to customers. On the other hand, the marketing team can then track the results of such pitches on the diverse prospects approached by the sales team. Thus, it ensures that the content shared by sales is always on its final, most accurate version and provides smart analytics on its results. Showpad is not only a powerful presentation tool, but also a great collaboration platform to reduce the gap between sales and marketing.


This popular content management and tracking solution might not be seen as a sales presentation tool, but it is a powerful addition to any sales campaign including presentations and can be included on this list as a bonus tool. DocSend is probably one of the strongest tools to track the performance of that sales pitch you shared. Imagine you sent your pitch to many investors as well as to associates that forwarded it to connections unknown to you. Well DocSend not only lets you know if the deck was opened, it also lets you track dozens of statistics on its performance, by using a specific links. Moreover, documents can be updated without problems, protected by password and much more.

This analytics tool for your presentations works pretty similar to Dropbox. You upload your document and then the tool creates a link which you can use to share it or even create multiple links if you want to track different groups of people. So, you can upload your sales pitch into DocSend and then share it as a link on the emails you are sending to investors. You will then be able to track when it was opened, for how long it was viewed, if it was forwarded and many other important statistics. If you decide to edit your document, the changes will be made automatically but the link will remain the same. It is an ideal tool for sales team to track the results of their presentations and improve them thanks to the smart statistics collected.

Which tool to choose?

Whether you are pitching your business live to an executive at the other side of the world or just sharing your sales pitch within a certain community, the mentioned tools will have you covered. Which one best fits your needs will probably depend on the situation and your intentions. Of course, you are not limited to using just a single one. Decide which one is better suited to fulfill your needs at a determined campaign and give it a go. All of them have free trial versions. It is time to forget those old-school printed pitch decks and present innovatively to the world!

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