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How to validate online conversions on the spot

Every marketer knows the annoying situation of having too many incorrect conversions. Performance marketing, content marketing, newsletter sign-ups - all of them have the same problem: many conversions do not meet the requirements or are incorrect. This is not only annoying. It results in wrong decisions, unintelligent allocation of marketing budgets and wasted time of sales representatives.  Companies which validated their leads are faster in selling and benefit from higher ROIs.

Lead validation with Beamium

The Munich startup Beamium operates a presentation platform for sales and marketing teams. After starting initially as an event app, the team behind Beamium realized that marketers and sales reps have an even stronger need for a smart document sharing tool. Documents can be uploaded on Beamium with one click and shared via email, social media or embedded as an iframe in websites and blogs. A lead feature helps inbound marketers to turn presentation viewers into leads. Automatically, Beamium proofs if the email address is real or not. While slide analytics help to analyze the performance of every single page, customer insights automatically show the prospect's level of interest.

1. Slide Analytics

The slide analytics feature of Beamium helps to better understand how well individual pages of your document perform. Among others, you will find these data:

  • Views / Slide
  • Viewer Time / Slide
  • Viewer Time / Presentation
  • Exits / Slide

2. Customer Insights

You have many leads, but no idea how interested they are? You don't know what happens with your sales documents after sharing them? Find out more about your lead's needs with the premium lead insights:

  • Favorite slide of prospect
  • Number of opens
  • Exit slide
  • Time spent in presentation

3. Lead Score

Analytics are awesome. Beamium goes one step further and uses them to automatically classify your leads with a sophisticated lead scoring system. It shows you which leads are sales-ready and which ones are not. It also compares the prospects' level of interest so that you can focus on the really promising ones.

It's up to you if you want to solely track the slide analytics or also the customer insights.You can choose between these two options in your personal account ("MyAccount => Manage Account") and decide if you want to track on a meta or individual level. If you have any further questions or need help with the lead features, don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

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