The most effective Sales Acceleration Technology: Beamium

Automated lead generation with your online presentations

A popular term among salespeople in recent years is that of sales acceleration. As you probably guessed, this refers to an increased speed during the sales process. To sell more products or services in less time, sales representatives often use sales acceleration technologies. Such tools allow them to identify high-quality leads and hot prospects more easily in order to close deals with more efficiency. They often provide diverse statistics and important data, so that intelligent decisions and even predictions can be made. Moreover, such tools usually automate certain steps of the customer acquisition process, so that salespersons can focus in the actual conversion of prospects into buyers. SalesForce and HubSpot are known examples, but there are other less famous, tools that have recently emerged to innovate the market.

Beamium: the revolutionary sales acceleration tool

A great example is that of Beamium, an innovative sales acceleration technology to generate high-quality leads. Beamium’s advantages lie on its simplicity and effectiveness, for the tool can be employed and understood within seconds and produces highly reliable results. How does it work? All you need to do is to upload a marketing presentation, sales pitch, white paper or product/service explanation to You will then be able to share it as an online presentation via link on social media, emails, forums or just embed it onto your webpage or blog. It then works as the perfect inbound marketing tool, for it automatically generates high-quality leads from your visitors. How? By logging in to your Beamium account, you can set specific parameters that will request the viewers of your presentation to provide their verified email address to download the presentation, leave a comment or just view the presentation after a specific slide. In this manner, the tool will collect important contact details from your prospects for you.

High-quality leads and smart analytics from Beamium

The diverse call-to-action requests integrated in Beamium can ensure that the contact details you become, will be quality leads that are significantly interested in what you offer. It is not the same to subscribe to an email newsletter or comment on a social media post, then to provide your verified email address in order to continue viewing a presentation or to download it. This means that your prospects really want to get to know what you are offering and only those really committed will share their contact details. Moreover, the tool provides diverse smart analytics that can automatically classify your leads based on various parameters and thus saves a significant amount of time for the sales reps. Thanks to Beamium, leads can be better positioned along the sales funnel and the right decisions can be made when approaching each one of them directly.

Beamium brings sales and marketing closer and generates high-quality leads

Although Beamium is not an actual collaboration tool, it definitively narrows the gap between marketing and sales and results in a more efficient work relationship between both teams. A company's marketing team can use Beamium for their inbound marketing campaigns and then provide sales-ready leads for the sales team to close the deal. Thanks to Beamium, prospects can be better identified along the buyer`s journey and thus the team better suited to address the prospect’s concerns can jump into action. Therefore, Beamium allows a smooth collaboration between both marketing and sales teams, which saves resources, aligns goals and KPIs and leads to better results.

How can Beamium be implemented in your marketing campaign?

There are many ways in which Beamium can be used to promote your products or services. Here are some examples for your marketing campaigns:

  • Social Media: You can share your marketing presentation or a product/service pitch as a link on your preferred social media channels and capture those high-quality leads hidden among your followers or fans.
  • Blog: You can embed explanatory presentations to enhance the content of your blogs or even share a whole white paper presentation as an innovative alternative to the everyday blogpost. The best part is that the presentation will be a much better alternative to generate leads, that a contact form or newsletter subscription at the end of the post.
  • Webpage: Embedding your presentations on your homepage or a specific landing page can serve as alternatives to how-to instructions or explanatory videos and collect valuable contact details for you. An innovative substitute to the old-school contact forms.
  • Email: Share your presentation link on an email in order to provide more details on your products/services to your customers and at the same time track which emails where actually opened and read.

Naturally, there are many other ways in which you can use Beamium to attract those valuable leads, it just depends on your creativity. So, remember that old marketing or sales presentation you pitched at that event? Well why don’t you adjust it a bit according to your current campaign’s focus and share it with thousands of viewers online? Don’t worry, Beamium will get those valuable leads for you.

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