The Most Creative Telemarketing Techniques

Forget email attachments and keep precise track of documents shared

Engaging in sales over the phone has never been easy. You need to approach your customers in a manner that doesn’t sound aggressive and immediately sets them on a defensive position. Moreover, you need to win their attention with creative, unscripted pitches. No matter how good the product you are marketing is, it will not work out if you don`t interact properly with your client. Furthermore, you often do not have contact with the actual decision maker, but with gatekeepers that mislead you under false promises of forwarding your documents to the proper contact. In case the documents you are sharing do reach your desired prospective customer, it is difficult to be certain if she even opened them at all. Therefore, you have to make use of your creativity and think of innovative telemarketing techniques that can ensure effective results.

How to track if someone opens your email attachment?

If you want to know whether the product or service information you sent as an attachment is actually being viewed by the decision-makers, there are a wide range of tools available to track it. Email opens can usually be tracked with embedded images inside the email itself which work as a “tracking device”, however many firewall and antivirus block such possibilities. You can further try with tools such as RocketBolt, to not only track the email opens but also the link clicks. However, this does not give you the specifics on attachment downloads. Tools such as Docalytics, DocSend or Digify will let you track document downloads, and can provide you with additional information. Nonetheless, they might involve complicated registration processes that can require more time investment than you are hoping for, especially if you are looking for a tool for your whole sales team. Moreover, this tools might be adequate for tracking, but you still are lacking an additional value added that also captures your client.

Present innovatively with Beamium and keep track of the interaction history

A great way to catch the attention of your potential customers is with an innovative tool such as Beamium. Beamium serves as an online document viewer, which you can use to present your files live to your prospective customer, or just share as a link in an email. The tool allows the viewer to give feedback on individual slides, which will afterwards be reported on your account. Such reports provide you with valuable information, such as the performance of single slides or pages, the number of views, and specific feedback comments. Moreover, the viewer can download the document in exchange of an email address. This will not only provide you with important contact data, but will help you confirm if the document was successfully downloaded. So Beamium solves your problems of presenting innovatively over the phone and also provides a solution to track the performance of the files you share.

Next time you are preparing a telemarketing approach or are instructing your sales team on effective sales techniques, consider surprising your customer with innovation and remember the value of tracking to measure your approach’s success. With Beamium you get access to both advantages and can be sure your prospective client will be impressed by a novel tool and the reporting features will let your mind rest, knowing that the information reached the correct person.

Image Source: ©unsplash/@emcomeau

Author: beamium