The Importance of Analyzing Marketing Information

Don’t forget to improve your marketing materials

How much time does your company spend on creating marketing presentations, white papers and other materials? Probably a lot. And how much time and money is spent on distributing them to prospective clients? Incredibly much. But how deep do you analyze the effectiveness of your shared marketing materials afterwards? Maybe not enough.

Why you should track the effectiveness of marketing information

After investing a lot of resources for getting your marketing materials to your prospective clients, it is important that you analyze the effectiveness of them. How much sense does it make to share a presentation with 50 slides if none of your viewers looked on more than the first 10 ones? And why don’t you add a second slide about use cases if everyone looks for the longest time on this slide? There are many things which can easily be optimized if you know this background information. Hence, it is very important that you continue to improve your marketing documents after sharing them. The more often you analyze your materials and the more often you improve them, the better will your results be in the long-run. Let your prospective customers be your teachers and learn from their behavior.

How to analyze marketing presentations

There are many ways how you can share marketing documents, e.g. embedding it on your website, sharing it via email or posting it on social media. All these channels help you to reach the maximum number of viewers and to gather new leads. But by simply enabling the download of the document, you will not get much information. Instead of sharing the marketing materials ineffectively, you should count on Beamium with its great analytics. Simply upload the final document on and share the access link afterwards with your followers or embed the presentation in your website.

By sharing presentations with Beamium, great analytics can be used to get the most out of your white papers. You will immediately see at which date the most people accessed the document, how many people viewed a single slide, where the most viewers churned the document and many more useful information. By comparing several marketing presentations with each other and by analyzing the slides of every presentation, you will be able to boost the effectiveness of your marketing information easily. Instead of annoying your employees with guesses on how to improve the marketing presentations, Beamium enables you to improve the right details without flawless.

On-going improvement of marketing files

All the data helps you to analyze the success of your document. But what is more important, it helps you to draw the right conclusion for creating the next document and for creating marketing strategies in general. On top of that, it makes your marketing campaigns much more targeted as well as much more efficient. However, you should not expect that one analysis shows all the weaknesses in your marketing materials. Misinterpretations take place quite often and must be straightened the next time. Hence, it is not enough to analyze one of your marketing materials. All of them should be tracked ongoingly to maximize the success of your marketing activities.

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