The Benefits of Adding Visual Information to Conference Calls

How to make your calls more productive with shared presentations

The success of a conference call depends on its preparation and the execution. If you feel that your conference calls could be much more productive, you are invited to continue reading. Calling your colleagues, weekly meetings, customer calls – there are hundreds of calls which we conduct every month. Often, they are a waste of time. A successful call should be structured, following a strict agenda and closing with a clear result at the end of the talk. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. By sharing documents with Beamium in real-time during your phone calls, you have the power to boost the return per call.

The importance of visual information

If you talk to somebody in person, there are two things which matters: the voice and the body language. In phone calls, however, there is no body language included. Only listening to the voice has many disadvantages since our behavior in personal meetings cannot be replicated fully in the phone call. The easiest way to ensure that the call has a clear objective which everybody can follow is to share information. By creating a simple document with a couple of pages or a small presentation, you help all participants to follow the progress of the call and to recap it afterwards. Sharing information by email prior to the call has (too) many disadvantages. It is important that you as the presenter guide the listeners through the document slide by slide instead of letting them go until the end of the document prior to the call themselves.

Slides must be explained and following a progress only works if the progress of changing the slides is determined by you. With Beamium, you can send the slides beforehand (as a URL-link) but your listeners only see the first slide of the presentation. During the call, you can navigate through the document and your listeners will always be on the same slide as you. This makes it super easy to discuss documents and effectively go through the agenda. After the call, your viewers can navigate freely through the document and you benefit from great analytics.

The more effective your slides are, the better will your calls be

Simply sharing a document will not always skyrocket your call. You should invest at least a couple of minutes to create the document and think if the progress makes sense. By creating the document, you have the power to determine the storyline of the call. Make sure that you don’t waste this power. Effective presentations for phone calls should not have too much information. They listeners still should follow your words and “only” get additional visual information by the presentation. Sharing presentations will only make your calls successful if you see them as additional resource. Don’t let your listeners read through every slide – we are not in school. Compared to documents which you present in person, the shared slides for a phone call should contain slightly less information. In best case, there are some back-up slides at the end of your document which go deeper into the topic so that your listeners can have a look on them after the call (in case that something remained unclear).

Slides cannot replace emotions

Sharing slides or documents during your phone calls is very important so that all listeners can follow the progress. But it is equally important to demonstrate your emotions in the call. Make clear that you really care about the topic. Slides are of great help, but it is still you who must bring power into the call. If you don’t really care, your listeners won’t care at all. Combine great slideshows with your excitement and everybody will be happy to receive invitations to conference calls by you.

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Author: beamium