The Elevator Pitch, Always At Hand

Be ready to pitch your business idea spontaneously

Life is full of surprises: sometimes, you spend months searching for your chance to move forward, and one day you suddenly run into a great opportunity. You never know who you’re going to meet next, and especially in the deeply connected, mobile and innovative world we live in today, you should always be prepared to pitch your ideas – and move one step closer to realizing your dreams.

The famous elevator pitch

The elevator pitch is one of the most hyped success skills any business man should have. As the saying goes: If you cannot explain your business / idea in 30 seconds, then it’s not a good idea. Also, any successful entrepreneur needs to know how to pitch his idea spontaneously and adapt it to any situation. The elevator pitch should fit in the short moment you share with a possibly important person in an elevator, that could become a major investor, an important collaborator or a new customer for your business. Therefore, it needs to be short, convincing, energetic, passionate and contain all the important information to pitch your business idea.

What to talk about

The most important questions for your elevator pitch is: What is the product you offer, which problem are you solving and how can I, as a third person, make money out of this? Use a quick story to illustrate the reality of the problem you describe, that shows there is no good existing solution to it, and explain how you will change this. Know your numbers, know them well. How many units to you need to sell to break even? What is the margin you’ll make on the final price? And lastly, show you have both a short and a long term vision. What customers, industries, products could you expand to later? What is your strategy?

Standing out from the crowd with better technology

If you want to stand out from all other elevator pitches, show your affinity with modern technology, and use an impressive tool to visualize the information given. With Beamium, you always have your slides at hand, anywhere you go and on whichever device available. Like this, you can underline the given information with numbers, proof your calculations with charts, and give your possible investor, collaborator or fan a digital take-home copy of the pitch.

Beamium: perfect for spontaneous pitching

All you need to do is upload your elevator pitch with the most essential slides to your Beamium account. Now, you will have it available from any device in seconds: The only thing you need to do to access it spontaneously is typing in the 8-digits code of the presentation – and you’re ready to go. Or bookmark the page, and you can even forget about this step as well!

Be prepared, win the situation.

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Author: beamium