Better Presentation Sharing in Sales Calls

Present documents in real-time on the notebooks of your audience during calls

Sales calls are a crucial element of every sales process. After getting started with a new lead, it’s time to demonstrate the solution via phone to the client. Often, documents are simply send via email which is easy to do but not very smart. It’s impossible to find out if the recipient really downloaded the document and if he had a closer look on it or just saved it. What is more, discussing documents on the phone can be very annoying. Slides are often permuted and the listener is not able to follow your pitch. Sharing documents during sales calls is very important so that the prospective client can follow the progress of the call. Moreover, sharing the information with the client ensures that he is able to recap the slides afterwards. But sharing them via email attachment is by far the dumbest decision. In contrast to email attachments, Beamium makes it much easier to present documents in sales calls and multiplies the chances to win the customer.

The smart way of sharing sales presentations

Upload your document on and invite your listeners via email. That’s it. Alternatively, the access code can also be shared directly on the phone. You will be able to present your document from browser to browser and support your sales call with visual material. Whenever you move one slide forward, your listeners will see the same slide as well. Details can be highlighted with a laser pointer which guarantees that your listeners really look on the same information as you do. No installations are needed and sharing documents with Beamium is much smarter than sharing via email attachment. What is more, Beamium helps you to engage your listeners. The viewer of your presentation can give you feedback or ask written questions at any time during as well as after the sales call. This makes sure that you deal with all the concerns of your prospective clients. It is much more likely that somebody gets in touch with you if it is so simple and directly possible to reach out to you from the presentation.

Awesome analytics to judge the lead quality

Naturally, there are some leads which are better than others. Some clients are bigger, others are smaller. And some clients look on your presentation afterwards ten times while others don’t. With Beamium, you will exactly know if there are interactions after your presentation. Moreover, you can find out which slide your viewers liked most and where they had questions. Finally, it is even possible to add call to actions in your presentation. After sharing a couple of documents with the client, you will be able to judge if it is a high-profile lead or an average one. The remaining sales process can then be planned according to the information which you got through Beamium. Needless to compare all that great sales features to traditional email attachments. Super easy, efficient and effective – that’s the new way of sharing sales presentations!

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Author: beamium