The Better Email Attachment

The benefits of sharing Beamium-links instead of email attachments

How do you share your presentations or documents with colleagues, clients and business partners? In the past, attaching the file at your email was widely used. Nowadays, there are much better ways to share your files than using email attachments. One of the most innovative ways, Beamium, will be compared to traditional email attachments in this article. Find out which valuable advantages new ways of sharing documents via email offer you.

The limitations of traditional email attachments

Sending documents as email attachments has several limitations. We all know how often uploading problems occur, especially with larger files. After sending the email, we don’t know if the recipient even opens the attachment. It’s impossible to find out if he thinks that the document is interesting enough for him and downloads it afterwards. Actually, we don’t know if he got the email. What if the recipient has a question to a slide in the document? He could make a remark and send you the file with the question back – theoretically. But this nearly never happens in real life. Hence, todays limitations result in lost email attachments where we have no idea about what is happening with them afterwards.

The advantages of sharing documents with Beamium

Uploading documents on and sharing the access link via email has many advantages compared to traditional attachments. First, Beamium makes it possible to upload much larger files than most of the existing email programs can deal with. Second, by sharing the access link to the document via the Beamium-link, there is no need to add any attachments which saves storage space for you and your recipients. Opening the document by simply clicking on the link instead of opening a file includes a much better user experience and makes it easier to access the document on any device. If there are any questions, e.g. on a specific slide, the recipient can directly write you his question or his feedback via the Beamium document. He could further let you know if he specifically likes a slide of the document. This feature helps you to clarify dubiety and to answer all remaining questions. Of course, this will be beneficial for your success rate as well.

Great analytics help you to monitor your success

What is more, Beamium helps you to analyze the success of the document. In contrast to the traditional email attachments where you do not get a single information after sending it, Beamium has great analytics which enable you to track the recipient’s interactions. You will see if the document was viewed, how often it was downloaded, if there have been questions, which page the recipients liked most and many other useful information. How can you possibly get all this information from your today’s email attachments? Correct, there is no way to benefit from email attachments as much as from sharing the documents with Beamium. Besides the outstanding advantages for you, the recipients will also be delighted from this exciting way of getting email attachments.

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