The best way to Discuss Documents Online

The better way to share documents

In a profession that is highly accurate and methodic, every little detail counts and misinterpretations can lead to major mistakes. Therefore, a smooth collaboration between two parties is always ideal, but not commonly realistic. Discussing diverse documents in person leads to unproductive time allocation and high costs. On the other hand, diverse digital solutions, such a screen-sharing tools, do permit a remote discussion of the texts. Nevertheless, they can be the source of major headaches for lawyers due to malfunctions in key moments or to the lack of privacy that such tools provide. Nonetheless there are innovative tools such as Beamium, which can be used to present the PDF documents live without the need to share any additional, unwanted information and without worrying about slow internet connectivity. The tool permits the simple and straightforward discussion of legal documents within seconds.

Customer satisfaction

It is no secret that customer satisfaction is indispensable in order to achieve successful and repeated businesses. In every field of business, it is in the interest of customers for managers to be as productive as possible, while investing the smallest amount of time necessary. The working hours of practitioners of law are usually a synonym for high costs, therefore customers will certainly prefer that the hours paid for are used efficiently. Moreover, busy people usually do not have the time to make long trips in order to meet other parties and in some cases meeting is even out of the question, since the different parties are located in diverse continents. An efficient and practical solution is to discuss the documents via online solutions, such as Beamium, which permit lawyers to present the documents to other parties from browser to browser within a questions of seconds. Uploading the files can be done so rapidly, that changes can be done to the documents shortly before the call takes place. The only requirement for immense time and costs saving is an internet connection.

Innovating document discussions through digital solutions

Many of the current solutions available to discuss documents on the field of business are far from ideal and can, in many cases, turn into a nightmare. To go over the diverse contracts and files over the phone or even online is quite complicated, since the participants rarely know exactly what specific paragraph and on which precise page is being discussed. With Beamium, the presenting party can use the laser pointer tool to indicate the exact line and even word being discussed. In this manner problematic misunderstandings, which can have serious repercussions when handling legal cases, are avoided and valuable time is saved. Furthermore, unlike on other platforms, Beamium permits the users to discuss the documents without the possibility to make modifications and an optional download is only made available if so chosen by the presenter. Presenters do not have to worry about privacy or confidentiality issues, since only the PDF document itself is shared. In this manner the different parties can research different terms on their browsers or leave confidential files open without having to worry about the viewers. So many advantages for practitioners provided by a simple and effective tool. Discussing documents online was never so easy.

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