The Best Tool to Share Presentations with Listeners

Interactive slideshows with great analytics

There are many possibilities for sharing presentations. Depending on the situation, you either want to share the slides in real-time with the audience, to share them afterwards via email or simply to share them online without presenting at all. In all three cases, Beamium is the perfect solution for sharing your slides with the audience.

Real-time presentation sharing

No matter if you present in front of an audience in person or if you hold a presentation via phone – your audience wants to get the slides afterwards. All the interesting things which you mentioned are summarized on your slides and help your listeners to recap the presentation later. Moreover, it totally makes sense to share the slides in real-time so that your listeners can easier follow your progress on their own devices. With Beamium, slides are shared with the audience instantly. The audience will be able to download them as a digital handout, they can engage with comments and share their contact details with you. A perfect combination of sharing slides, presenting innovatively and capturing all the leads. How? Simply upload your slide deck on and share the presentation access URL with your audience. Easy, effective and efficient. Beamium helps you to share your slides with everybody in the room (and not just with a small number of people who download it later on from any platform) as well as with everybody else around the world. On top of that, sharing slides in real-time ensures that your presentation stays in the memory of all viewers. Make yourself remarkable and stand out of the crowd with Beamium.

Better than email attachments

In case that you plan to hold your phone conference without any presentation and simply prefer to share them afterwards via email – please, don’t do it like that. Believe us, there is no need to waste so much potential. Meetings over distance can be much more effective if your viewers are able to see what you talk about. Telesales, telemarketing as well as teleconferences inside a company will benefit from showing the progress slide by slide on the devices of your audience. What is more, Beamium helps you to track the success of your presentation afterwards. If your viewers have any questions or feedback, they can easily write you through Beamium. You don’t need to ask about contact details – they will be summarized in your Beamium report automatically! There is a lot of information which you can get by sharing slides with Beamium instead of using traditional email attachments. Don’t waste these data and become a more successful marketer.

Flexible in every situation

As you already learned, Beamium can be used for every presentation situation. Getting audience feedback, sharing slides, capturing leads and tracking the success of your presentation are helpful features for various cases. Let’s assume that you want to share the slides via social media to reach more people. Why don’t you share them with Beamium? Interactions can also take place outside of the presentation (and you probably have no problem to benefit from all the leads from your followers and the followers of your followers). If you are not yet convinced, then you have either too much success and cannot handle more leads, or you have not yet tried out the easiness of Beamium. In both cases, we would love to show you how awesome slide sharing with Beamium can be.

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