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Effective online presentations with Beamium

Smartphone distractions, impatient listeners and new technologies make it sometimes difficult to engage the audience. This blogpost shows you how Beamium helps you to make presentations more effective.

The problem of modern presentations

You probably know the situation of presenting in front of a large audience where half of the people stare on their smartphones. And what about online meetings where you don’t know if anybody is listening to your presentation? Even though new technologies have many advantages, we often need to find ways of dealing with the disadvantages.

Engaging presentations with Beamium

Beamium is an awesome presentation platform which helps you to present live on the devices of your audience. An ideal tool for presentations over distance and face to face. Upload your slides on, share the access link with your audience and get them involved! With Beamium, your audience can give you instant feedback during your presentation, ask questions and interact with you without disturbing your talk. How? Well, Beamium enables your audience to give you written comments during and after your speech. You decide, at which point of time you want to look on the interactions and answer them. A perfect tool for teleconferences (where you don’t need to switch the microphone all the time) as well as for face to face situations (where Beamium helps you to break the barriers between you and the crowd in front of you).

More effective presentations

Making your presentations more engaging is the one thing, but making them more effective is important as well. Beamium ensures that everybody looks on the same page of your presentation – no matter where the person is located and no matter which device the person uses for the teleconference. No set up is necessary for the web-based presentation tool which makes it a must-have for efficient meetings. Beamium offers great analytics which help you to analyze the success of your presentation and to make the next one even better.

Bright listeners, better results

Its user friendliness makes Beamium a great tool for listeners of every age. No matter if you are a less-tech-savvy senior manager or a geek – Beamium makes all types of audience members happy. You as a presenter will get direct feedback and contact details from your audience. Moreover, Beamium enables your audience to get in touch with you after your presentation as well. With Beamium, there is no need for email attachments anymore. The digital handout of your slides makes it possible for your audience to go through the presentation again and again afterwards. Simultaneously, you benefit from the infinite possibilities to get feedback from your public and to generate leads with your presentation. Try Beamium for your next telephone conference, live presentation, sales call or lecture. Beamium offers many advantages for every presentation scenario and is built to make you a more effective presenter!

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