The Best Presentation Solution to Capture Leads at Events

Sharing presentations with Beamium for gathering more leads

Holding a business presentation at an event can be a great chance to get in touch with many prospective clients. Especially at industry-specific events your chance will be high to reach out to highly valuable leads. If you speak to an audience, you can combine a topic with your business. But how can you ensure to make the most out of the event and to gather the maximum number of contact details? With Beamium!

Sharing presentations and getting contacts

It’s always the same question for every event speaker: how should I share my slides with the audience? (In case that you don’t want to share your slides with the audience at all, you probably did not get the chance about being in front of several prospective customers and should read the first paragraph again. And again.) Of course, you could simply put the document on your own website, or at some kind of presentation platform. But honestly, how many leads did you generate by doing that in the past? Probably not as much as you could. With Beamium, a new way of sharing presentations has started. Beamium enables you to either present the documents directly on the devices of your audience (with some great interactive features) or to share them after your talk (with the same great interactive features).

The Beamium access code (or URL) can be shared either at the end of a talk on your last slide, in the handout of the event, on your own website, and via email. In best case, you choose multiple ways of sharing the (same) Beamium link with your audience to maximize your success. Your viewers will be able to go through the Beamium presentation themselves afterwards. Before downloading the document, they have to share their email address with you. On top of that, you could even ask mandatorily for their contacts in the middle of the presentation before letting them continue. Awesome, right? What is more, Beamium helps you to keep in touch with your audience. After your presentation, all viewers of the slides will be able to write you comments, feedback or questions through the Beamium presentation. Believe us, this is great.

Analyzing the success of your shared presentation

After sharing your presentation, you will know how often your slides have been downloaded, how often a single slide has been viewed, or where the least people interacted. These and many more analytics will be summarized together with all interactions and leads in your personal presentation report. You can then directly get in touch with all the prospective customers. At that point, you will already know if they had any questions, which slide the loved most and where most people churned your slideshow. An awesome opportunity to analyze your presentation and to improve it for the next time. If you still want to share your slides as before, you should go back to the first paragraph and start to read about the advantages which sharing presentations through Beamium include. It’s the smartest way of slide sharing. With great possibilities to gather leads. In addition to interactive features to get more comments from your audience during or after the presentation. Supported by awesome analytics. If you are a speaker who wants to multiply revenues this year, we are more than happy to support you! Image Source: ©

Author: beamium