The Advantages of Marketing Calls in a Digital World

How marketing calls help you to differentiate from your competitors

In today’s digital society, many new ways of marketing have been developed. Social media ads, search engine ads, affiliate programs, email campaigns and video marketing are only a small number of many new ways to market your business. Unfortunately, the internet became very crowded and it can be tough to reach the customer. We all see thousands of ads every day – and we perfectly know how to ignore them. The ads become lurid and loud, but soon they will be ignored again. Don’t get this wrong, online marketing is an amazing way to reach customers and we deeply believe in the new marketing channels too. But for some businesses, the more traditional ways of marketing can result in higher profits. Television ads, good PR and polite marketing calls are a few of the more traditional marketing tools which still generate many leads.

Don’t forget about marketing calls

Your business should be prepared for competing in this new world. But competing in this new world includes a good mix of traditional and modern marketing channels. In best case, your inbound marketing program goes hand in hand with your inside sales channels. All the leads which are generated through online marketing have to be turned into customers. Often, this does not happen with automation. Many people still expect to talk to one representative of your company at some point. Especially if there are any questions, it is important to set up a call instead of asking the customer to write an email. Marketing calls can be very effective, particularly if you set them up correctly. For reaching out to more customers, it totally makes sense to facilitate inside sales and inside marketing agents with the best equipment.

Telephone, CRM, Beamium

There are three things needed for awesome marketing calls. First, you should have a solid audio line. Independently if you prefer VoIP, telephones, smartphones, headsets or any other form of communication, the audio line should be solid. Especially in international phone calls, it often becomes difficult to understand the person on the other side of the audio line which can destroy all your attempts. Make sure that there is a solid and user friendly telephone system available. When it comes to managing leads, there is no way to run over CRM programs. Pipedrive, HubSpot, and are just a few of many modern CRM tools on the market. Of course, you can also use some more established tools like Salesforce. Independently of the tool’s name, it is very important that you have a CRM tool and that you actually use it. The best CRM software is useless if you are not willing to put all the data into the system and to keep it up to date.

Finally, a good marketing call does have to go deeper than just sharing information about your product via telephone. Especially in the later stages of the pipeline, visual information must be shared with the client. Beamium helps you to present documents easily from browser to browser on the client’s notebook, smartphone or tablet. In addition to your audio conferencing system, Beamium skyrockets your marketing calls with interactive online presentations, leads mechanisms and great analytics. Make sure to get the most out of your marketing call and multiply the chances to close the deal by sharing documents with Beamium. Are you ready for your next call? Follow these tips and become a world-class marketer who convinces every prospective client!

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