The Advantages of BYOD

Bring your own device tools to increase audience engagement

In a world where everybody has his own smart device in his pocket, it is only logical that these devices are used in schools, universities, businesses or at events. Innovative web-based tools offer new possibilities to interact with each other without the need to equip rooms or employees with expensive hardware.

Flexibility and no need for trainings

Beside the fact that no new hardware has to be bought for bring your own device activities, it also offers many other advantages for the participants and the employer. Buying new smartphones, tablets and notebooks for the whole team on a frequent basis can be extremely expensive. But that is only the beginning. A new smart device in the hands of an unexperienced user is rather hindering than an advantage. Every employee needs time to shift his behavior to the new device and often gets frustrated because of the very different usability of the new device. So why does everybody need to have the same smartphone, if some people prefer iPhones and others want to keep their Samsung? And why should your employees spend many hours in trainings for their new device? That’s exactly where the BYOD movement offers the necessary flexibility for everybody to stay productive and to use the comfortable, known device.

An easier way to engage the audience

Many web-based tools who strengthen the BYOD movement are advantageous for the interaction between e.g. lecturers and the audience. Tools such as Beamium make it possible to share information in real-time with the participants on their own device without any installations. While the older generation of BYOD tools included installations, downloads and apps, the modern web-tools only need a simple web browser. No matter if your audience wants to use the own laptop, notebooks or smartphone – you will always be able to interact with them through their device. Based on the fact that these tools are used in the daily lives of your participants, the learning experience does not only get more interactive, it also becomes sustainable. BYOD lectures, trainings or meetings can be much more efficient since everybody uses his own tools which he loves and knows exactly how to perfectly handle them in every situation.

Make sure to hedge the risks of BYOD

The BYOD movement is a very powerful idea and has the potential to change the way technologies are used. The mentioned advantages of saving time and money are just the start of it. BYOD has the potential to avoid unsustainable situations where every employee has two notebooks, tablets and smartphones – one for the work, and one for private usage. Especially for NGOs and educational institutions where money has to be spent carefully, BYOD can be used to improve the technical environment without investing any money. However, this new movement has some disadvantages as well. The fact that an employer does not have to buy new equipment anymore does only work if the employee covers the costs and has an up to date device. Hence, there should be some extra remuneration to split the costs. Finally, BYOD can be a nightmare for IT security departments if the usage and security regulations are not implemented carefully. But in cases where these risks are hedged, there are many good reasons to implement BYOD movements.

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Author: beamium