The 7 Biggest Challenges in Sales

Become more successful by mastering the most common sales challenges

Sales in the modern business era became a totally new challenge compared to traditional sales. Combining social media, email and phone calls perfectly is necessary for closing deals. A good sales representative must master communications and marketing as well. Even for experienced sales guys, there are new challenges to handle. Find out how to rock them!

1. Focusing on the right sales strategy

Direct sales, telesales, upselling, social media acquisition… There are thousand ways to get in contact with potential customers nowadays. The key challenge for a successful sales manager is to find out which funnels work best for his use case. While some products have to be sold in person where the prospective client can directly try them, others should be sold more efficiently via telephone. The key challenge for a sales rep became to choose the right set of channels. Many time can be wasted by using the wrong selling paths which are not fully understood. Make sure that you gather enough information about the potential ways to reach a client before choosing the most promising ones.

2. Digital contact vs. real conversations

Sending an email or a LinkedIn request is much easier than actually calling somebody. But is it enough to convince the customer? A key challenge for many sales people is the decision about how much conversations, e.g. via telephone, they should plan during a sales process and how often it is sufficient to share emails. Too few conversations can result in a customer who feels like you don’t care enough about him. Too many conversations, however, take too much time and will at some point annoy your client. Finding the right mix of digital and verbal communication is therefore another key challenge which you should balance.

3. Too many leads

How can too many leads be a challenge? Well, you only have 24 hours per day and want some sleep as well. Focusing on the right leads instead of failing by dealing with all of them can be crucial as well. A large pool of people which have to be contacted can be very challenging. In best case, this database should then be really seen as a dataset from which you can choose the most promising ones and focus on them.

4. Too few qualified leads

Naturally, it could also happen that there is nobody whom you can contact. But by mastering modern tools and platforms, it became much easier to find new leads. The challenge in this situation rather concerns the quality of the leads. Of course, there are many people on LinkedIn but how can you figure out whom to contact? Getting more information about prospective client is therefore very important and helps you to qualify leads. In best case, tools like Beamium should be used for getting more information about the clients.

5. Not enough time for calling

Your job is to call people, but what if there is no time for calling? The great variety of tools could also result in situations where you have to spend more time with your CRM tool or your blog than with getting to the telephone. Make sure that your day is full of time slots where you have nothing to do – beside calling.

6. Choosing the right CRM tool

Every good sales representative should use a CRM tool. But which one? Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot and several more are available on the market. Be smart and ask colleagues about their experiences. While some tools focus more on the earliest stages of the sales pipeline, others emphasize the deal closing aspect. On top of that, there are many other tools which could be helpful (or wasting your time) during sales processes. Make sure to focus on the best ones and find out how to master them.

7. Getting the deal closed

It is easy to start a new deal and at some point in time, you hopefully will receive a response from the prospective client. Meetings do take a lot of time from your prospective clients. The higher the contact persons are in the company’s hierarchy, the more difficult will it be to get follow-up appointments. Getting the potential client from the first stages to the later stages is probably the biggest challenge in every sales process. Again, it is important to focus on the most promising clients and to use great sales tools which help you to get sufficient information to judge the deal. Someday, you need to make a decision and decide if it is worth to wait another month or simply to neglect the deal. Your time is as valuable as the time of your prospective clients, make sure to spend it smart!

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Author: beamium