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If you work in sales, you probably know how difficult it is to effectively share documents with prospective customers. After sending the email attachment, you never hear again from the prospect. Your sales pitch is good, but you know that you can perform better. Maybe, you are not using the right sales presentation software – or even worse, no sales software at all!

Why you should use sales software

Which companies do you think perform best? The ones which use sales software to make their lead processes as effective as possible, or the ones which still use old-fashioned techniques from the 90’s? Ok, that was a rhetorical question. But sales acceleration technologies can have a tremendous impact on your company’s success. Here are some statistics from HubSpot which show how difficult selling became recently:

  • Every third salesperson finds it nowadays harder to close deals than in the past.
  • The number one challenge in sales is prospecting.
  • 2 out of 5 sales reps experience fewer responses.

Hence, it is tough to meet targets. Much time is wasted by focusing on the wrong prospects. By using modern sales tools, you can improve your success rate and spend your valuable time more wisely. Companies which emphasize on new trends in sales such as sales acceleration or social selling experience tremendous increases in their revenues. By using Beamium, an innovative sales acceleration platform, you benefit from more customer insights, better lead information and shorter sales cycles.

Don’t waste your time with poor leads

Data shows how hard prospecting nowadays is. You probably get many leads from websites, lead forms and social media – but most of them are unqualified. Many of them are even unverified. How much time do you think you spent last month on following-up with bad leads? Probably 30-40% of your time. Wait a minute. How the hell can it be that you waste much of your time with bad leads instead of using your great sales skills to close the most promising deals? The problem is, that you need to find out which prospects are interested and if it is likely that they buy soon.

The most effective way to share sales presentations

With Beamium, your sales material can now become much smarter with only one click. Simply upload your sales pitch or your sales teaser on the presentation platform and your documents will immediately turn into an online slideshow. This online slideshow can be shared with prospective clients easily. The more often you use Beamium for sharing your sales materials, the more customer insights you will get. Here is a brief overview on how Beamium increases your sales processes:

Great customer insights:

Find out which slides your prospect likes most, where she churned the slideshow and how often she returned.

Engagement analytics:

Is every single sales slide in your deck awesome? Beamium shows you which slides perform best and where too many people left your sales pitch.

Lead scoring:

Is this lead ready for sales, or should you send it back to marketing? An automatic lead classification feature shows you which leads are sales-ready and which leads are not.

Top opportunities:

You probably know the famous 80/20 rule. According to it, you should spend 80% of your time with the top 20% of your prospects. Find out which customers are the top 20% of the pipeline and focus on them.

Effective product demos:

A sales call is not enough. Present your documents online from browser to browser – without any installations, and without the need to send an extra handout afterwards.

More follow-up requests:

Your prospects should be able to contact you directly through your presentation. With Beamium, they can! One click is enough to write you a message and ask for a follow-up call.

What can I expect from using Beamium?

Very good question! The last thing we want you to do is to further waste your time. You already spend enough time with unqualified prospects, limited customer insights and annoying systems where you need to enter your data daily without getting any outcome. Beamium is very easy to use and can be integrated in your existing CRM systems. With Beamium, you can expect more information from your customers. And that’s what matters most. Figure out which parts of your sales materials work best and which ones you better improve. Your customers won’t tell you that directly, but Beamium can unveil this secret. Additionally, Beamium shows you where the individual prospect spends most time in your sales presentation which helps you to improve your sales calls. By the way, how often did you feel annoyed with your existing screen-sharing solution? Try Beamium and present your product in a well-structured PDF – you will see the difference.

Automatic prospect classification

Most important, Beamium does not only generate data but also analyzes the data for you. Your prospects will be classified in groups according to their lead score so that you can immediately see which contact is most interested. Focus is extremely important in business life. Let’s be honest: how many sales presentations, sales documents and offers did you share with your prospects in the last month? And what did you actually learn? How much feedback did you get? And how often did you never hear again from the client? Find out why that happened by analyzing the presentation viewers’ behavior. Of course, Beamium cannot close the deal – it is you who must do that. By using Beamium, you will be much more effective. Beamium will never replace you as a sales representative. It can never be a substitute for the human interactions in the sales process. But it can empower you as a human and help you to close more deals with smart analytics.

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