Stream Slides Online to the Smartphones, Notebooks and Tablets of your Audience

Broadcast presentations and documents to a remote or face-to-face audience

The web offers many new possibilities to improve the participant’s presentation experience. While streaming of videos is well-known, fewer people have yet discovered the full potential of broadcasted presentations. One reason for that is the dominance of existing solutions such as email attachments or screen sharing services. Streaming documents or slides directly to the devices of your remote audience adds value to your presentation and makes it possible to share files innovatively at the same time.

Email attachments vs slide broadcasts

The main advantage of broadcasting slides consists of the synchronic transfer of every individual slide. If you want to discuss a slide deck via telephone, you could also share the documents via email before the meeting starts. However, to avoid that your listeners can go beyond the presented slides, it is wise to rather stream your slides in real-time. This enables you to guide the listeners through the document and guarantees that everybody is always on the same slide. Moreover, innovative slide streaming services offer further features to interact with the audience and to analyze the viewers’ interaction afterwards. Stream your slides in real-time to the devices of your audience and surprise them with an innovative and efficient way of discussing documents.

Screen sharing vs slide streaming

Screen sharing services are optimal solutions for live demonstrations of e.g. the functionality of a certain website. If you want your viewers to follow your presentation and show them every step of a booking process, from starting the browser to saving the bill, screen sharing solutions can be used. But if you want to simply share documents and discuss them with others, it is more efficient to use document broadcasting tools instead of screen sharing services. Document broadcasting tools specialize on efficient meetings and help you to engage your audience. Simultaneously, there is no need to clean up your desktop beforehand and no time is needed for file sharing afterwards.

Beamium, the perfect tool for slide broadcasts

No matter which kind of slideshow or document you are planning to broadcast, Beamium will perfectly match your needs. Without any installations or other technical hurdles, the web-based service makes it very simple to present documents online on the devices of your audience. Your viewers can join the presentation via a link on their smartphones, tablets or notebooks – simply via their browser. Moreover, you can continue to use your standardized software for creating slides and simply upload them afterwards on Even if you are not able to send links to your audience, e.g. because you have no email addresses from them, the access to Beamium can be shared via an 8-digit ID. With this little extras, Beamium can be used for remote presentations as well as for face-to-face presentations. In both cases, you will impress your audience with this exciting broadcasting tool!

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Author: beamium