Stop Losing Leads At Your Presentation

How you can multiply your presentation leads

How many leads did you generate with your last presentation? And how many people have been in the audience? Probably there have been hundred times more people in the audience compared to the number of leads which you got. And this is – unfortunately – quite normal for most speakers.

Highly valuable audience

The audience members of your presentation represent highly valuable leads. The people which listen to your presentation are interested in your topic, already know you and could be very likely your next customers. But how can you convince these valuable viewers to get in touch with you? Often, only a few people come to you after your presentation and share their contact details with you. In best case, another few listeners get in touch afterwards via email. However, most of the viewers will be lost at the end of your presentation. With Beamium, it is now possible to multiply the number of leads at your next presentation.

Get more leads with Beamium

Beamium enables you to generate leads with your presentation. By directly presenting on the devices of your audience, you get in closer contact with your listeners. Beamium encourages them to engage, ask questions, give you feedback and – most important – to share their contact details with you. By simply entering the email address, your viewers are able to give you feedback, ask questions and download the presentation afterwards as a digital handout. A great tool for presenters and viewers to exchange contact details.

Stay in touch with your audience

Usually, the contact to your audience ends immediately after your talk. Everybody leaves the presentation room and most people will forget you within a couple of days. Beamium helps you to avoid that. With Beamium, your audience can access the presentation and freely navigate through the handout after your talk. Moreover, it is still possible to give you feedback and share contact details at any point afterwards. Hence, you will be able to stay in touch with your listeners and generate leads even after your presentation.

Analyze the success of your presentation

Moreover, Beamium offers great analytics for analyzing the success of your presentation. All captured information and leads will be summarized in a report. With the help of this report, you will easily see how successful your presentation had been. Simply use the generated leads for future client interactions and stay in touch with your audience. The detailed information about every single slide will further help you to draw the right conclusions for your next presentation. Stop losing leads and start presenting with Beamium!

Image Source: ©unsplash/@davideragusa

Author: beamium