Stay in Touch with your Audience after the Presentation

How to keep the contact to your listeners

After preparing many weeks, being nervous days before and finally delivering a good presentation, you often feel very relieved. Finally, it is over. You made it. Beside some minor mistakes, you can be very proud of your performance. But stop. Why does everybody just leave the presentation without getting in touch with you? And why does nobody write you afterwards even though you shared your contact details?

Build a relationship with your audience

During a presentation, you usually speak in front of an audience – either in person (e.g. at events) or through your notebook (e.g. at webinars). Most speakers forget that presentations are not about throwing information on the audience. Presentations should be seen as interactive situations where your interested audience can learn something new from the presenter. For you as a speaker, it is crucial to build a bridge to your audience. Encourage them to interact and start building a relationship. Be nice and answer questions at any time to motivate even more people to contribute. Encouraging presentations are be the basis for turning the listeners into leads afterwards.

Deepen the relationship at the end of your talk

The last minutes of your talk can either be useless or very effective. You could just end the presentation by saying “thank you” to the audience. Or, you could use the last couple of minutes for exciting Q&As, getting to know your listeners and showing that you are a friendly person. Use this chance to promote yourself and to form a deeper relationship with the audience. Independently of your industry, this is the chance to get to know your listeners better.

Make sure to stay in contact

The end of the presentation is simultaneously the start of your chance to turn the listeners into valuable leads. The people in your presentation are interested in your topic and therefore potential customers. There are many ways to create leads after your presentation. Don’t forget to mention your contact details so that everybody has the chance to get in touch with you. But this is just the beginning. Using Beamium – a web-based slide sharing platform – helps you to share your presentation with your audience and to get contact details in exchange. Questions or feedback can easily be communicated through Beamium during and after your presentation.

With Beamium, you can ensure that your audience keeps looking on your slides afterwards and simultaneously gets in closer contact with you. Beamium stimulates the relationship between you and your audience during as well as after the presentation. Moreover, the great analytics of Beamium help you to track the success of your slides afterwards and to close more deals. How can you use Beamium? Simply upload your slides on and share the presentation ID with your audience. An ideal tool for presentations over distance and in person.

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