Slideshows Without Projectors

Spontaneously show your presentations live on the devices of the audience – using nothing more than your smartphone

Every speaker desires to have own slides at hand when his topic comes up

Anyone passionate about public speaking knows how quickly and often you end up having a deep conversation about some of your favourite topics in both private and professional surroundings. In many of those occasions it would be great to pull out the perfectly prepared slides you have made for the exact topic and immediately show them to the people around you, but as coincidence wants it, 99% of the time you do not have the slides with you, there is no projector anywhere near, and your arguments become half as powerful. Wouldn’t it be great to just have your slides with you anytime you could need them?

Presentation slides: Helping the audience’s understanding and enhancing speaker excellence

Speakers, influencers and professional presenters all share great knowledge about topics that fascinate big audiences, and put loads of energy into creating perfect slides to display that knowledge visually. Presentation slides do not only help the audience to better gasp what they are saying, but also allow to show statistics, images and information supporting the arguments. They support the flow of the presentation and help the presenter to smoothly move through his talk. No doubt, slides are essential to anyone working in public speaking!

Convincing conversations enabled by technological convenience

Let’s come back to the speaker in the beginning: imagine he was meeting with friends when they start talking about rock climbing, his favourite hobby and public speaking topic. He just held a presentation about this topic and how climbing contributes to personal success at a TEDx event the month before, and would love to immediately show the presentation slides to his audience to make them better understand his theory. But the presentation is stored on his laptop at home, and he can’t access it. Also, there is no projector, beamer or computer around anywhere, so even a pendrive with the presentation won’t help. If only there was a solution to access and present from his smartphone or tablet…

Access, instantly share and present your slides from anywhere – just with your smartphone or tablet!

If our speaker had known about Beamium, he could have opened his presentation from any mobile device at hand and present it immediately to his friends or colleagues. Beamium allows to present directly from mobile devices, completely without computer, laptop, beamer or projector! While the speaker accesses his presentation on his phone or tablet and moves from slide to slide, the audience follows from their own devices, and sees the presentation in real time on personal smartphone, tablet or laptop screens. The control over which slides they see at what moment remains with the speaker, and he is able to share his presentation without using a projector. Now, the conversation will be even more enriching, and everyone listening will be mind-blown by the spontaneous presentation using nothing more than smartphone.

Are you ready to give it a try?!

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Author: beamium