Slide Analytics and Customer Insights – How Beamium enhances your lead generation with smarter lead forms

The advantages of document tracking in lead processes

A lot of work is needed for drafting presentations, white papers or infographics. Hence, you should ensure that these documents are used most effectively. In 2017, it’s not enough anymore to share them as an email attachment. Beamium helps you to track the success of your documents after sharing them. On top of that, the superior lead validation of Beamium makes it a great tool for capturing sales-ready leads online.

Slide Analytics

  • Views / Presentation
  • Viewer Time / Presentation
  • Leads / Presentation
  • Views / Slide
  • Likes / Slide
  • Comments / Slide
  • Viewer Time / Slide

The presentation insights of Beamium let you know how every document performed after sharing it. No matter if you share your content through your own websites, on landing pages, via social media or per email – Beamium is the perfect tool to monitor the success of your marketing materials in every occasion. The presentation analytics make it possible to compare your documents with each other and to find the most effective one at every single stage of the buyer’s journey. In the headline of your presentation report you can see how many views, likes, comments and leads the presentation got. On top of that, the average time which your presentation viewers spent in this document can be seen there.

 In addition, it is possible to analyze the success of every single slide of your document. You will be able to see how many views, likes, comments and churns every slide got. Of course, you can also figure out how much time the presentation viewers spent on every single slide.


The benefits of Slide Analytics

By using the slide analytics of Beamium, you can find out which documents perform best across your whole company. Simply share the best performing presentations with your team members to exceed your company’s goals. On top of that, you can even compare the individual slides in a document. Make sure to optimize the non-performing pages and use the arguments which your viewers like most in your other marketing channels as well. With the help of Beamium, you can improve your marketing documents as well as your marketing slogans across the whole company. Learn from your viewers what works best!

Lead Validation

You can choose at which point in the presentation you want to get the contact details of your viewers. Let them see the first couple of slides and ask them for their contacts to unlock the full slideshow. It’s up to you which contact details you want to capture. Nobody likes incorrect email addresses or conversions which are not worth being called a lead. The just waste your time. Beamium therefore verifies the authenticity of the contacts by sending the unlocked presentation to the email address. Only if the email address is correct, the viewers are able to see all slides. Very easy, but also very effective.


Lead Qualification

Which of your leads are the most promising ones? Which ones should you directly send to the key account members of your sales team? And which contacts need to be further educated through your marketing channels? Beamium automatically establishes a lead score based on the leads behavior in the presentation. We use a smart classification system which is based on our experience from analyzing tens of thousands of viewers and feedback from industry experts. Factors such as time spent in the presentation, opens, time spent on specific slides, time to respond and many other factors are used to calculate the lead score. Based on that, we separate marketing leads (which are not yet ready for your sales team and should rather be educated by newsletters), sales leads (which should be forwarded to your sales process) and top opportunities (where you should spend most of your time on) in your personal document report.

Customer Insights


  • Lead Score
  • Favorite Slide
  • Opens
  • Exit Slide
  • Time Spent in Presentation

Is it enough for your sales team to know the email address of your lead? Or do you want to get them more information? With Beamium, helpful customer insights are automatically attached to the lead. Your sales team will know which document the lead already viewed, which slides and content he likes most and how much time the person spent in the document compared to the average presentation viewers. Therefore, the sales teams will be able to approach the prospect with the most effective information and have superior insights. Naturally, Beamium should also be used in the following sales process to gain even more customer insights.

Integrations and Customization

In case that you want to see your own logo in the presentation interface, want to customize the analytics to regional laws or compliance standards, or if you have any other questions, our sales team will be very happy to talk to you. On top of that, Beamium can easily be integrated with your favorite marketing automation or CRM tools. Make your marketing team more effective and help your sales reps to close more deals – with Beamium!

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