Sharing Slides in Conference Calls

Real-time document sharing via your browser with Beamium

Document conferencing, also known as data conferencing, became one of the new buzzwords for global teams. While audio conferencing is nowadays quite standardized and can easily be used for worldwide conference calls, it is trickier to choose the right tool for sharing documents with colleagues at another location.

Email attachments, Screen Sharing and Browser Sharing

The most established way to share documents during conference calls is to send them in advance via email to the participants of the call. While this is a very simple and cost-free way of sharing documents, it includes many disadvantages. First of all, you need to decide if your file should be sent in advance, at the beginning or after the call. All mentioned options include as many advantages as disadvantages. If you decide to send your documents in advance, you risk misunderstandings. Sharing files afterwards often results in inefficient discussions which should be avoided. Sharing documents at the beginning of the meeting includes the disadvantage that your listeners have no time to print the handout and can hardly follow your presentation in real-time. The question “which slide are we on” will probably arise quite often. Screen Sharing, on the other hand, makes it possible to present documents in real-time. However, the viewer will be able to see the whole screen – including sensitive data which you actually did not want to share. What is more, technical problems as well as installation problems can cause you major delays. In contrast to that, sharing data via your browser is often easier and supports your existing audio line. You do not need to install any new software and you are able to share documents with colleagues from your team as well as with business partners from other companies. Since there are no downloads or installations necessary, it is easier to implement Browser Sharing technologies in your existing IT structure.

Beamium, the easiest web-collaboration tool for sharing documents

If you prefer to keep your existing audio line but still want to enhance the document sharing process at your conference calls, Beamium is the optimal solution for you and your team. It is simple to use, no installations are needed and makes it impressively easy to share files during teleconferences. You can share your documents slide by slide with your audience everywhere on the world. Every attendee of your conference call will always be on the same slide or page as you are. After your call, you can simply enable your team to download the document with one click from Beamium. How to use Beamium? Very simple, upload documents with one click on, and share the unique presentation ID orally or via email with the other participants. This innovative way of document conferencing makes it possible to improve your conference calls and to enhance your team productivity!

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