Sharing & Discussing Documents at Teleconferences

How to sync your listeners under every circumstance?

Teleconferences are part of the everyday activities for countless businesses. Either when quickly discussing documents over the phone with other colleagues, presenting designs to your costumers or trying to sell products or services to potential clients via telephone. This method is quite popular, for it allows you to enhance your productivity by saving valuable resources such as time and transportation costs, among others. Nonetheless, it also has its weaknesses, since discussing documents over the telephone is not always that simple. In such cases, physical presence is naturally out of the picture and thus you completely rely on your communication skills over the phone as well as the visual means you use to back-up your message. This usually should be more than enough means to transmit a solid message, but the actual problem does not lie on the channels, but on the coordination between them.

Uncoordinated teleconferences can cost you important deals

It is a common case in every business: you hang up the phone, take a deep breath, and look down to the floor with a mix of feelings between disappointment and frustration. You just spoke over an hour on the phone with a potential client and were not able to win him. Want went wrong? The usual, communication problems. You prepared yourself for the call, sent your client the description of the service you are offering to his email and tried to guide him through it. However, this soon turned into a nightmare, since the customer kept getting lost throughout the document`s pages, began to lose focus, take coffee breaks, talk to his daughter and at the end ended up losing all interest. In a desperate attempt, you tried to guide him through your company’s website, but we all know how that ended. To present to clients, users or colleagues documents via a teleconference should not be that complicated.

Whether in case of a sales call or when discussing some key reports over the phone with your colleague located at the other side of the ocean, coordination is key to a successful conversation. In either case, you want to make sure that your listeners are secure and follow every detail of the valuable information you are sharing. Why would they be insecure? Just the minor distraction can cause your listener to lose the tread of the whole presentation and this will result on him or her constantly interrupting you to catch up with the presentation. Or even worse, in case of an important pitch, the listener will automatically disconnect from the conversation and your chances of success will diminish with every second that passes.

Use technology to your advantage: online and synced presentations

It is a fact that if you deliver an unforgettable and appealing presentation, the listener will hardly lose track of your train of thoughts. Nonetheless discussing documents over the phone and in teleconferences is not always that easy, no matter how good an orator or salesperson you are. Technology should be your ally in such circumstances and play along. There should be a way through which you can simply guide your audience through the diverse documents, without losing the thread of the message.

First, you require a tool that can be easily accessed under almost any circumstances and second, it has to provide the possibility of hooking your listeners, making them take every step you take automatically. A great possibility to do this is by discussing your documents online with tools such as Beamium, which automatically sync the viewer’s presentation with yours so that no listener gets lost. Since such platforms work online, they can be accessed from any device or operative system within seconds. Moreover, thanks to their sync features, participants of the call will automatically follow you on every step of the presentation. In this manner, your audience at a teleconference will never be unsecure or distracted and you will clearly have an advantage when attempting to get your message through. The rest depends on you.

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