Share User Manuals Online

Creating Value for customers by sharing instructions online

Manuals are essential even in a digital world:

User guides and manuals transmit important information to users in a generalized way, help customers to solve problems independently and provide knowledge in the most efficient and best structured way. Manuals and handbooks are indispensable for technologic devices, medical treatments, chemical experiments or machine control and are needed in endless situations such as giving instructions or providing guidelines to clients, students or employees.

And even though manuals and user guides are indispensable, there’s a big problem for many of its users: most of the paper handbooks and user manuals distributed with the respective product, program or device are lost or stored away, and in the moment when the consumer desperately needs the information, it is impossible for them to access.

As always technology has a solution for this: Sharing the user manual online.

Simply upload the PDF of your user manual online and allow any user worldwide to access it whenever they want! Like that, your clients, students or employees can impossibly loose it and can look up the information they need from any device they want, no matter where they are.

Sharing the user manual takes almost no extra effort:

Just drag&drop it on the Beamium website and seconds later you can share the user manual with an unlimited audience all over the world. After you share the access code with your clients, they can access the user manual from any device and location they want – and take the user guide to the place where it is really needed! It could not be easier.

Increasing customer value

If you are selling a product requiring a user guide, this simple step will significantly increase the product’s customer value: Enabled to read the instructions in the manual at the moment of usage, your customers will be happier with their purchases and dissolve potential struggles immediately.

As customers access your document through the Beamium web-viewer, they do not need to worry about space limitations on their phone, app or PDF downloads etc. Comfort is maximized, and complications eliminated.

For employees, the instruction guide can be accessed directly on-location without the need for paper printouts. Distributing the guideline manual digitally delivers information directly to the smartphones of your workers and therefore makes it not only easy to handle, but also impossible to forget in the office.

Oh, and before we forget: if you start using Beamium for your user guides and manuals, you will help save the planet step by step as well: Replacing printed user guides by electronic ones means radically decreasing your paper consumption and improving the environmental footprint of your company while at the same time saving costs in the production.

Digital user manuals are the future – what are you waiting for?

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Author: beamium