Share your Slides Online and Get Contacts

Track your presentation’s performance and feedback on the web

The world of presentations has changed drastically in the last decades. 20 years ago people still used to present with a rudimentary overhead projector. Now there are online webinars for thousands of attendees around the world. Successful presenters are used to having links to their presentations shared all over the internet through blogs and social media. Word of mouth has never been so efficient as in the age of the internet. Many presenters have identified this and are taking advantage of such channels by providing digital versions of their presentations. In this way, their knowledge can be disseminated more efficiently. However, most presenters will never know who viewed their presentations, let along get their contact information or specific feedback.

How can you track your presentation viewers online?

A common option used to track live presentations online are Webinar tools such as WebEx or GoToWebinar, where you get reports on views and interactions. However, if you share a digital version of your presentation, you will not be able to track how it performs and who views it. So although webinar tools are good for online presentations, they do not provide you with those valuable contact details of viewers who are interested in your material and just happened to come across it on the internet. If you share your presentation online with tools such as Google Slides or SlideShare, you can make sure that your knowledge will reach more people via the internet, but you will still be missing those valuable contacts and their feedback. So which is the best way to share your presentations online and contact interested viewers?

Live, online presentations with Beamium

Beamium is a web-based platform that allows you to share your online presentations with just one click. With Beamium you can present live on the end devices of viewers all over the world and once the presentation is finished, the link can be shared for further people to view the slides. Moreover, it provides you with a reporting function which informs about the individual performance of each slide as well as the individual feedback every slide gets from interested viewers. Finally, viewers can also download the presentation in exchange of an email address, which will provide the presenter with the valuable contact details of viewers that are really interested in the material. So with Beamium a presenter can not only share his presentations in an innovative manner across the web, but he can also get valuable contact details and feedback from viewers all over the world.

The advantages of sharing your presentation online are numerous. You not only multiply unimaginably the reach of your presentation, but also give access to your knowledge to people anytime, anywhere. Moreover, with tools such as Beamium you can keep track over the success of your presentation in the web, something that you could hardly do on a face-to-face presentation. Most importantly, with such technologies you can capture the contact details of viewers that enjoy your material and might provide you with valuable feedback or interesting growth opportunities. The advantages of the internet are immense and there is no reason to remain shy to them.

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Author: beamium