Share your Presentation and Capture Leads

How to get more out of your presentation

After investing a lot of time into drafting a new presentation, it is time to get leads. Presentations can be shared through multiple channels such as blogs, social media, via email etc. The main objective of sharing your presentation should be to get new leads. Beamium makes it easily possible to capture leads from your shared slides.

Share your presentation with Beamium

Beamium, a web-based presentation platform, makes it simple to share documents online via a simple link. A great set of features encourages the viewers to get in touch with you and helps you to capture leads with the slideshow. After uploading the presentation on Beamium, the slideshow can easily be shared as a link through email, social media or any other channel. Your viewers will be able to click through the presentation at any time and have the possibility to contact you. What is more, you will be able to get leads as soon as somebody downloaded the document, wrote you a question or if he followed another call to action. Hence, Beamium turns your presentations into effective marketing tools for capturing more leads.

Embed your presentation on your own website

Of course, it is also possible to embed presentations on your own website or blog. Every listener will then be able to look on the slides directly on your blog. Simultaneously, the visitors are able to contact you, give you feedback, write messages or ask for more information directly within the presentation. On top of that, you can optionally request email addresses at a certain point in the presentation before the visitor is able to move on. A great way of sharing documents on your own webpage and turning visitors into qualified leads.

Analytics help you to get more information

Your personal Beamium report offers a detailed set of analytics to find out how successful your presentation performed. A great overview helps you to understand which slides the viewers liked most, where they had any questions and how much emails you already captured. What is more, the detailed analysis will be useful for comparing presentations with each other and for qualifying leads. All email addresses can easily be exported. The feedback from your viewers can only be seen by you. Hence, it is easy to choose the most promising viewers and get in touch with them. In best case, they even suggested a date for a follow-up which makes your sales process super-efficient.

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