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Spreading music around the world

Since the earliest years of civilization, human beings have felt an inevitable attraction for sounds and tones. With the invention of instruments, these were organized into what today we refer to as music, which became a passion for a great number of us. Friedrich Nietzsche once stated that “without music, life would be a mistake”, and though somewhat hyperbolic, there is definitely some truth to his words. Music has seen a great deal of changes in the last year thanks to the internet, from copyright problems to the birth if innumerable music apps and platforms. 2014 marked the first year where revenue from digital music downloads and subscriptions outpaced CD sales in the United States and Spotify reported a total amount of 20 Billion hours of music streamed just in 2015. Music now forms a solid part of the internet revolution, but not only for steaming and listening purposes, music lectures have also become an online trend.

Music lessons online

Diverse platforms are implemented by users to share tabs and notations online, so that musicians can learn new songs without leaving their room. Platforms such as Beamium permit users to share their music notations and tabs online in form of PDFs within seconds and therefore contribute greatly to the expansion of music lectures. It is said that nor The Beatles nor Jimi Hendrix could read music. Imagine that. Nonetheless not all of us are so talented and do need some guidelines in order to play some beautiful tunes. Music notations and tabs can easily be shared online with Beamium, by uploading them as a PDF format to the platform in less than a minute and sharing the presenter link or presentation ID with the desired viewers. The link can be added to descriptions under YouTube videos, shared on social media, embedded in personal webpages, among others. Furthermore, music lessons online can easily take place thanks to such tools, since the lecturer can present the notations live to his students and they will follow on real time. Even specific notes and details can be discussed with features such as a laser pointer.

Paperless music

Thankfully, another common trend in the last decades is to build an environmental conscience. Many businesses and universities are upgrading the way they work and communicate into a paperless environment. The music industry should not lag behind on this aspect. Not only is a paperless platform to read music online a green technology from which the planet`s trees and we as oxygen breathers profit, but also it provides a way more comfortable solution for musicians. Thanks to such technologies, musicians can not only read music notations and tabs online, they can also register, save them in the cloud and access them again from anywhere in the world with any device desired, as long as there is an internet connection (and of course, download them for future use). Such simplicity not only protects the environment and ensures more commodities for musicians, it also enables a more straightforward and easy knowledge dissemination in the field of music. Have you already created you own song? Well what are you waiting for, the world is eager to check it out!

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