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Beamium: The fastest way to share your documents online with users worldwide

Every day, people all around the world share digital documents within their networks. No matter whether you forward important papers to your business partners or provide your fellow students with lecture notes – sharing your files often is annoying and time consuming. Although there are many different ways how to send files nowadays, there’s still no tool that allows you to send them with just one click. If you want to send your documents via e-mail, which is still the most common way to spread information, you have to make sure to pick the correct e-mail address of the person you want to address and waste your time waiting for the attachment to be uploaded, not guaranteed that the e-mail service will deliver your message for sure. If you use file sharing platforms to share your files, you often have to register online which means sharing your data or download and install the program first, which is again time consuming and disturbing.

Beamium offers the solution – share your documents fast and easily

Beamium finally revolutionized the file sharing process and developed an online platform, which differs from other file sharing programs as it finally makes it possible to share your documents fast and without the need to register or install any software. It works simple and straightforward. Drag and drop your PDF document online. In a matter of seconds, the uploading process is completed and you’re provided with an ID, which allows your followers to access your files online. This code can be shared with an unlimited audience, so Beamium makes it possible to reach many people with just one click, without checking every single e-mail address. The viewer simply has to type in the ID online on the Beamium website and is now able to access the document. There is no other program needed. As long as there is an internet connection, Beamium can be used anywhere at any time on any device, no matter whether it’s your smartphone, tablet or laptop you’re using. On top of that, your followers have the opportunity to download the file you shared online and save it for later use. All in all, the file sharing process is optimized as Beamium works fast and is very easy to use.

Try it yourself and reach your audience with just one click!

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