The best Tools to Share Photos with Family and Friends

These 4 tools make it possible to share your pictures privately with relatives

Social media made it easy to share pictures with (nearly) everybody. But what if you want to share your photos only with your family? Or with your best friend? In that case, Facebook, Instagram and many others are not the best way to share your pictures online. Of course, social networks are great if you want to enable all your friends or followers to look at them. The more followers you have and the more likes you get, the more people will see your pictures. This makes it nearly impossible to use them for sharing family pictures secure. We show you 4 great tools for sharing pictures privately with your beloved ones. These tools make it possible to share your photos with as many people as you want, but you decide who should be able to see them - and who not!


Beamium is a web-based platform which makes it simple to share and present photos with your friends. Simply upload your pictures (from your notebook, tablet or directly from your smartphone) on Beamium. You can select as many as you want and either share some selected pictures (your best of) or the whole holiday experience. The pictures get immediately uploaded on Beamium and displayed as an online slideshow. A unique access link makes it possible to share the photos with family members via email, with your friends through social media or even verbally on the phone. Beamium enables online photo presentations in real-time on your friends’ devices or to navigate freely through the photo slideshow. You decide if your family and friends shall be able to navgiate freely through the online presentation of your pictures, or if you prefer to present live to their devices. Some great features such as likes and comments enable the viewer to give private feedback which only you as uploader can see. In addition, great analytics help you to find out which photo the viewers like most, how much time the spent looking on your photos and at which point the closed your pictures.


Cluster focuses on private picture sharing. Only the people which you invite can access your pictures. But the app also enables you to share files with larger groups. Overall, Cluster is very easy to use and makes it possible to share photos in a similar but more private way than social media. Hence, it tootally makes sense to use Cluster even if you already shared some picturesthrough social media. Simply choose the pictures which you like to share with all your folllowers on social media, and use Cluster for all others which only a smaller group of people should be able to see.


Of course, iCloud is another nice way of sharing pictures as well as videos with other people privately. The interactive feature set of iCloud does not only allow comments. With iCloud, the invited people can also add pictures or videos themselves which creates an atmosphere of “photo conversations”. As its name already reveals, iCloud is built for Apple users and fits perfectly in the Apple environment. In case that you as well as your relatives already use Apple devices, there is no easier way to share photos with each other.


Shutterfly combines sharing pictures and printing them. So called “Photo Share Sites” can be created where your favorite pictures become a real story. Blogs, news and even video clips can be added. Shutterfly should especially be used if you (or your family) plans to print the photo albums afterwards. With is unique feature set, Shutterfly combines the two worlds of digital pictures and print. Also, if you are looking for nice presents for family birthdays, Shutterfly will show you many possibilities to surprise your relatives.

As you can see, there are many more ways to share photos online than the ones which you have known before. In many cases, you probably want to share most of your pictures more privately than using social media. While it totally makes sense to share a couple of pictures with everybody, your holiday experience belongs to you and should be shared securely with the people which you invited. Make sure to choose the tool which best fits your needs of sharing documents with others!

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Author: beamium