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Create documents with pages and share them with your audience

A powerful text editing program for design lovers

Apple’s Pages document writing program is a great Microsoft Word alternative, beloved by many Mac users. It offers beautiful templates, a comfortable interface and simple tools to create a stylish and well-designed document: Most Pages users come from the creative industry for a reason.

Common struggles when sharing Pages documents

However, whenever a Pages document is shared, Windows users struggle: They fail to open the document, and even if converted to a Word Document, problems with fonts, colours and objects are more than common. What a pity for the perfect design the document had before! But this does not need to happen: You can continue working and creating perfectly designed text documents with pages, and share them without any problem with the people you want.

A better way to distribute your Pages document

  1. Create, design and edit your document with Pages as always.
  2. Once done, click on “export to PDF” in the file tab and save your file as PDF.
  3. Upload your PDF to with one click.
  4. Share the access code provided with everyone that should see your document.

Note: Beamium will soon offer direct upload of unconverted Pages documents too, but if you want to be 100% sure that potential special fonts & design features are displayed, we recommend conversion to PDF.

Key advantages when using Beamium for Pages

With Beamium, you have a fast, secure and stress-free solution to share your Pages document with any user of Windows or Macs (and other operating systems) alike. As it is completely web-based, users can access your documents even from mobile devices without the need to download apps etc. Here are the key advantages summarized:

  1. Document preparation with Pages
  2. One-Step-Upload to Beamium
  3. No more problems with fonts, images etc.
  4. Perfect display of your document
  5. Sharable with an unlimited audience
  6. Heavy file size support
  7. Live Presentation mode: Share the document in real time and present it page by page to the devices of the audience
  8. Optional Download Setting: Allow users to get a copy of your file

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Author: beamium