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Filesharing with Beamium - fast and simple - regardless the size of your document

Nowadays, you often have to send big files to many different people. But what is the most innovative way to share information?

The standard way to forward digital documents is through e-mail, but especially when it comes to large files and a huge audience this way of file sharing is inconvenient. Once you’ve chosen the documents you want to attach to your e-mail, it often happens that you have to wait forever until they’re finally uploaded and ready to be sent. The next step is to carefully pick all the contacts the documents should be sent to, which can take quite a long time if you haven’t prepared a mailing list in advance. On top of that, especially for large files, you can never be sure that people will receive your e-mail for sure, for example due to full inboxes or attachment size limits.

Share your files with Beamium!

Beamium is proud to offer a simple and innovative solution to this problem: With Beamium, PDF documents, and soon other formats, can be shared with a huge number of people, fast and easily, no matter how large your file is. First of all, you upload your document online. In the next step, you share the code with your audience, which guarantees sharing your files in a safe way. The code can be distributed for example via e-mail, social media, call or WhatsApp. Your followers will simply have to visit the Beamium website, type in or paste the code, and within one click they have access to your files. Additionally, there is the possibility for the viewers to download the data, so that they can safe them on their own devices and use the PDF later on, no matter where they are. This way, you can be sure that your audience will receive your documents on time and within a matter of seconds. You will never have to wait for large files to be sent again because of issues with your or your followers’ e-mail programs.

All in all, Beamium is a helpful tool to share and present documents online, no matter the size of the file or the number of followers. It is not only easy to use but also time-saving as your files are shared with just one click. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Beamium is already being used to share large folders with hundreds of pages and even eBooks.

Test it yourself!

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