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Use Keynote to create beautiful presentations and present them online with Beamium

Apple’s Keynote is a powerful program for creating beautiful presentations with great slide design pre-sets. It is loved by its users and offers modern possibilities which PowerPoint does not include. However, it is also known to cause problems when sharing it with users not working on a Mac. Your keynote file has to be converted, and when it is opened on a different computer, problems with font, images and background are common – and the great design is lost. Of course, you don't want that this happens. You want your presentations to be easily accessible from all devices, independently if the viewers are Mac users or not. Here is the best way to share keynote presentations online, and even make presentation slides accessible to any audience at the moment of your presentation: Beamium. Beamium is an effective online platform for sharing slideshows more effectively. While other slide sharing platforms often lack in design, Beamium was built by web designers and makes sure that your beautiful presentation gets displayed perfectly.

Here’s a quick guide on how to present, share and distribute your keynote presentation slides online.

1) Design your keynote presentation as usually

Use your favourite technique and tools to create your keynote presentation. Just work with keynote in the same way you did before. Nothing has to be changed and you can follow the usual process.

2) Export the presentation to PDF

After finishing your edits, save the keynote presentation as PDF by choosing the “File” tab and clicking on “Export to PDF”. Exporting them as a PDF has several advantages. First, your presentation will look the same on every device. Independently of special fonts or layouts, all devices will display your presentation the same way. Second, by exporting your keynote as a PDF you make it available for users of other operating systems as well. Third, your presentation will look as beautiful in the PDF format as before, but the file size will be reduced which makes it easier to upload and share the document. Even though our team at Beamium is already working on making direct keynote file uploads possible in the near future, you’re always on the safe side when uploading your keynote file as PDF: special fonts, colours or in-program image edits can get lost if you skip this step.

3) Drag & drop the presentation on

Open to upload your presentation with just one click on the upload button or simply drag and drop your converted keynote file on the website. Your file is prepared to be shared online in no time! Immediately, you will be forwarded to the presenter interface where your keynote slides are already displayed online.

4) Share your presentation ID – and start presenting

Share the automatically generated presentation-access-ID of your keynote presentation with the audience. Simply share the link to your online slideshow via email, social media, verbally or embed the presentation in your own website! The viewers will be able to navigate through the slideshow themselves through their notebooks, smartphones and tablets. Interactive features make it possible to gather feedbacks and likes from your audience. In addition, a lead feature allows you to capture contacts from the viewers. Tailored analytics help you to analyze the effectiveness of your presentation and show which slides are viewed most often. By improving the slides where many viewers leave your presentation, your slideshow can become even more effective. Optionally, there is a live-presentation feature available which makes it possible to share your slides in real-time with the viewers. Your audience can now follow your presentation, slide by slide and from their own devices. Beamium is compatible with all devices and – as it is completely web-based – does not require any app downloads or necessary registration for the viewer.

5) Digitally distribute your keynote presentation

Your presentation stays online as long as you decide. If you want, you can enable the download option for your viewers of the presentation and make it accessible for downloads. Like this, viewers can store your keynote slides as a PDF as long as you decide to keep the download option active.

Beamium makes sharing keynotes easier for you and offers a new experience to any viewer: You can continue using keynote to create beautiful presentations without the need to change your process, and Beamium takes care of sharing and distributing your keynote presentation online with the audience you want. By doing so, your presentations become more effective, engaging and innovative. Try it out yourself, and enjoy worry-free slide sharing with Beamium!

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