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Present live during your calls to all participants with Beamium

It is a funny thing that when you think about a business meeting you usually picture a lot of suited individuals in a fancy conference room. Sure, some business meetings still take place in this form, but in the last 15 years the cross-national and international presence of companies and their teams has favored a more unconventional type of business meetings: the long distance ones. This applies not only for big corporations, since even start-ups are characterized for having teams distributed around the globe. Due to advancements in communication technologies, coordinating such teams is much less complicated that some decades ago, however there are still some inconveniences. When key topics have to be discussed, e.g. the action plan for the next quarter, meetings are commonly required. This tends to take place in form of conference calls, which, although providing an effective audio connection, commonly lack in proper visual means to support the discussion. This is what has given birth to effective tools such as Beamium.

It is common to discuss action plans, designs, reports, KPIs and diverse visual data during long distance meetings, but the means to do this are often scarce. The common solution is to distribute the documents beforehand via email to the different participants, but this is not the ideal approach. During the call, the presenter is often interrupted by listeners asking for the current slide or page number. Moreover, it is more complicated for participants to follow the presentation in this manner, which can result in distractions which will have repercussions in the future performance. Screen-sharing solutions also present numerous issues in regards to bandwidth and privacy, among many others. So how can business meetings be conducted efficiently when visual means are required, but all participants are hundreds of kilometers away?

Synced long-distance presentations with Beamium

Beamium is an online platform that permits users to present their documents live from browser to browser, to as many participants as desired. It automatically syncs the slides of the presenter with all the audience members, which ensures that no viewer will get lost within the presentation. In case the presenter wants to share the slides, he can enable them for download after the presentation, to ensure that his coworkers will have future access to the information. Moreover, the tool is equipped with features such as a laser pointer and zoom-in options, to ensure that no details will be missed. In this manner Beamium provides the experience of a face-to-face presentation to participants sitting thousands of kilometers away.

The beauty of technology lies in simplicity

The questions for many when deciding about a new technology is the time that will have to be invested, especially due to a learning curve. With Beamium this is almost nonexistent, since the tool can be implemented within seconds. The presenter just needs to upload the document with a single click in and share the 8-digit ID or link with the participants of the call. That`s it. Features such as the laser pointer or the download option are self-intuitive and can be used without problems even by the less tech savvy.

Don’t worry about installations, software and such – Your presentation is all that matters

Beamium is web-based and therefore does not require any installations or downloads. It can be used on the spot, from any device and OS. You can present from you tablet at your hotel room, to the computers of your design team in London and the iPhones of your programmers in Auckland. Combine it with your preferred audio or VoIP tool and you will have a successful, coordinated and productive meeting just one click away.

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